Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Thank you

mainly sunny, temps 14

off to Pittsburgh this afternoon....have an event tonight at Mystery Lovers Bookshop, in Oakmont - from 7 to 8.

Event last night was great at the Runnymede library in Toronto. Lots of people - nice mix of people who know the series and those who don't.

I'm glad so many of you are reading Bury Your Dead. If I can just ask that in your comments you not be specific. I spent a year of my life or more writing and editing and considering this book, am now on a two month tour promoting it, and it is difficult to see people commenting and letting too much out. I appreciate that it's difficult, but maybe for my sake and the sake of others who haven't read it, you can just say that you hated the book, or liked it, and maybe leave it at that. We don't need to know who lived and who died, who did it, who didn't.

I so appreciate all your support over the years and through the difficult times and the great times - but I am asking you to be discreet. I realize you have a perfect right to say anything you like. And I sure don't expect everyone to gush that they loved the book. But I hope maybe if people really are fans of the books and the series you can not spoil it, for me and for others by telling too much.

I'm also deeply grateful to all of you who have posted reviews and been respectful, by not telling too much - just how you feel about it. As I say, I do know it's hard, and you want to share your feelings - but I feel physically sick when I see way too much info out there for my liking. Obviously it's not too much info for some of your liking, but it is for me.

thank you.


carol cambareri said...

completely agree..thank you

Dana said...

I think this is the price you pay for the popularity of the books, Louise. Harry Potter had entire web sites of spoilers. In a way it is a sign of success.

My friends and family would certainly NOT appreciate it if I spoiled their pleasure of discovering and unwrapping the mysteries, so I have learned to say nothing.

Except - it is a great book! Full of many mysteries and wonderful characters and beautiful scenery.

Continued good luck on the tour.

Diane said...

Wonderful request - I certainly don't want anyone else opening my birthday present.

lil Gluckstern said...

Thank you for this. My copy is on its way, and meanwhile, I'm talking it up to my friends and family. I will be very careful, to rave generally.

Donna K said...

Dear Ms./Mr. Anonymous..

While I respect your right to have your opinion and preference regarding Louise's fine work, you have ruined a part of my future reading by the 'little' that you think you said. Perhaps it was unintentional but still-I am very frustrated by this. I hope all readers will continue to refrain from spilling little clues , as most of them do.

Still looking forward to the book coming in here in Green Bay.

Donna K Wisconsin

cathy said...

Dear Louise,

Hoping you can feel the support of your fans as you're away from home and Michael not by your side.

Take some deep breaths and know we're thinking of you, every mile of the way.

Bev Stephans said...

I agree whole-heartedly with your request. Even if you don't like someone's work, don't spoil it for the rest of us. Now I can't wait to read the book just so I can put my fingers in my ears and go, "Nah,Nah,Nah"! Childish, I know, but so were anonymous's comments.

Dana said...

I just called my daughter and friends and asked them to refrain from reading any comments until they get the book. Still can enjoy Louise on her blog and/or Facebook entries.

Debbie said...

Wanted to say thanks a lot to Michele from Tuesdays comments for spoiling the ending. I haven't even bought the book yet and I now know something I shouldn't have known til the end.

I wish people would just keep their mouths shut and allow others to read the book. I guess they spoil the ending of a movie for people too.

Donna K. said...

Yes Debbie, it would be nice if they would just shut up, but their self-indulgent tirades and lack of care of others trumps everything..there will always be people like that..maybe now I can train my eye to stop reading their mail at a certain point, but this took me by surprise it was such a new comment and totally unexpected.

I'm still angry and sad for Louise, who always takes the high road. Ok, time to begin to get over this...

Anonymous said...

I can't say enough good things about your books - your characters, your plotting, the sensitivity and precision of your writing - all are delights worthy of rereading over and over. My only cavil is a small but annoying one. I would like to see better editing of comma usage. Time after time you use superbly chosen constructions that need to be either set off by pairs of commas or allowed to boldly stand alone, and time after time they are initiated by one comma and left hanging by the absence of the required other. This creates a jarring turbulence in the wonderful flow of your narrative.