Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mission Impossible

overcast, rain, temps 23

Odd day. Cool, but humid - so it manages to feel both hot and cold at the same time. Hard to get comfortable. We drove in from Sutton this morning. Stopped at Nespresso in Montreal to recycle the coffee caps and get some more. then into the apple store to asks about a problem with the USB port. (Michael's territory) Then into the apartment.

Finally got the new homepage written for the re-launch of the web site, once Bury Your Dead comes out.

And Michael and I are now relaxing on the bed watching episodes of the old TV show Mission Impossible. Very fun. And relaxing.

Tomorrow we're meeting our friends Bal and Linda for breakfast - then off to do the research - then home to Sutton. Gary's coming by in the late afternoon to take more publicity shots.

It sure is a full life. Oh, and Michael brought home a cherry pie. Not bad! Two more and it'll be paradise.


Candleman said...

I don't know which makes me salivate more; thoughts of Sutton or of cherry pie.

Anonymous said...

I loved Mission Impossible. The best part being when the tape would self-destruct. There were some really excellent TV shows from the 60's, but some were just so bad they were good.

Dark Shadows was by far the best of the worst. The fake bat flying around that you could see the strings, and the horrible dialogue. Actually, really funny, bad dialogue.

I didn't say she was dead, I said I killed her. - being one of them.

Jill in Texas