Thursday, 2 September 2010

En plein coeur - bien sur!

overcast, hot, temps 30

This is the day. The first of my books is now in stores in French! I'd never have thought it would be this emotional for me. I always knew I felt it was a shame that the series couldn't be read where I live, and by the people I write about...but the degree of joy I feel has quite taken me by surprise.

and now the trick is not to let it slop over into worrying about how it's doing! Stay in the moment and the delight.

Still Life is called En plein coeur, in French. And the second book will be coming out January 7th. Very fun.

We're in Toronto for an event at the Courtyard Stage, as part of the Canadian national Exhibition. I'll be doing a reading along with linwood Barclay. It's at 5:30. someone will be coming to the hotel to escort us there. or, as Michael likes to say - 'they're coming to take you away, ha ha.'


Had fun Tuesday. Breakfast in Cowansville, then off to see jacques and Louise in the Granby hospital. Stayed about 1 and a half hours. When I bent down to kiss Jacques goodbye I, click, click. And immediately knew what it was. The long string of pearls I was wearing had dropped into Jacques urinal, hanging on the side of his bed. I stared at Jacques, wide eyed. He stared at me, wide eyed - then he smiled - and reassured me there was nothing in the urinal...except pearls.

I can't help but think this wasn't what my grandmother, or mother, had in mind when they passed them down to me. I sometimes think my life is not so much unfolding as unraveling.

Then we hopped into the car and scooted to the manoir Hovey for lunch and a TV interview with the CBC French network - Radio Canada. Their telejournal. It went well, thanks mostly to the lovely host, Anne-Marie, and the kind cameraman, Alain. I stumbled and bumbled. But I'm hoping they'll think it charming.

Then off to Montreal - and yesterday we were up early to come to Toronto. Met susan for lunch - she's here for meetings. Then borther Doug and his son Brian came to the hotel to stay the night with us. We hadn't seen Brian for a year and really miss him. wow - he's turned into a man! Tall, low voice, and a man's outlook. god, how does this happen. And gorgeous too. And very funny. Had Tex-Mex for dinner....then they watched a movie and we went to bed.

they've left now - and I'm off for a haircut - finally. Let's hope for the best - these things are always 'iffy'. But Hope, my US editor, gave me a bottle of pills that cure bad hair cuts. I have them with me!

Speak to you tomorrow I hope!

Happy En plein coeur day!!!


vtslajer said...

Congratulations, Louise! Only those who have lived in La Belle Province as non-francophones long enough can fully understand how complex it may be to get a book like En Plein Coeur published here. It is a major accomplishment. Enjoy your moment of glory, you quite deserve it.

pamela said...

Laughed out loud reading about the pearls incident; gives new meaning to 'casting pearls.......' wouldn't you agree?!

Brenda B. said...

Oui! Bonne En plein coeur day! Felicitations!

Brenda B. in Maine

frouch said...

Dear Louise,

I just finished "En plein coeur" and I'm in big trouble... Now I'll have to buy yours books in both language. Darn, darn, darn... Alice says "Hi"!