Friday, 24 September 2010


mainly sunny, unseasonably hot - temps 30

Tour is buzzing along. yesterday was a full, and happy day. The kingston Writer's Fest is always a highlight. Terrific authors and amazing volunteers - which really is the key element in a literary festival. passionate, effective, happy volunteers. Spent the morning relaxing on the balcony, looking out over lake Ontario. Then at noon I got dressed and packed and headed to the first event of the day. Thankfully the writer's fest was in the same we all met in the Writer's Lounge on the top floor, and then went downstairs...Peter Robinson, Eric Friesen and me.

I'm always afraid that the room will a) be one will have bought tickets b) those who are there are there for the other author and I'm just an annoyance.

But fortunately the room was packed with readers of both peter and me - which is exciting because there's a cross pollination that happens - especially since we write somewhat similar styles of book. In fact, the book seller ran out of copies of Bury Your Dead!

After the signing I was whisked by 3 librarians about an hour down the road to the Belleville Library, for an event from 6 to 8. Again, stressed that no one would be there....but again the room was packed and they had to bring in more chairs. It is such a pleasure to look out and see friendly faces. And to realize, this is my job. This is what I do for a living. Write books I enjoy for friendly and kind people. And myself. How lucky am I?

Then caught the 9pm train to Toronto, arriving about 11pm...and fell into bed.

The big event today was the 'Eh Series' talk at the Toronto Reference Library...spectacular building in the centre of the city. Jose Latour - a really gifted writers of crime fiction, with a cuban tinge, 'interviewed' me. We had great fun, and he had very thoughtful questions, which makes a big difference. It's always hard to interview a crime writer, without giving too much away. And this book is even trickier, since there are really three deaths or events intertwined. But Jose did a masterful job.

And again, the place was packed! such a difference from the first couple of books, where I pretty much spoke to janitors and people who'd wandered in by mistake and then were too polite to leave.

Am back in the hotel now....beautiful, sunny day out....should go for a walk, but instead I plan to just relax. Marshall my energy. That's the excuse for being just plain old lazy!

Tomorrow between 4 and 6 I'll be at Sleuth of Baker Street in Toronto...a wonderful mystery bookstore. Hope to see you there.

Enjoy your weekend!


Dana said...

I am reading Bury Your Dead slowly and it is killing me. But I am trying to stretch it out so the wait for the next book is not too long.
The book is living up to all expectations. Already laughed out loud and wiped away a tear or two.

It has been by far the best thing to happen in a week that included the unexpected death of a dear friend and the news that I need a front tooth IMPLANT.

Jeanine said...

Hi Louise,

I am enjoying reading about your tour. You keep commenting about how lucky you are to be living the life you are ... but I believe you have worked hard and created the life you are living; i.e., you MADE your own luck.

I picked up my copy of Bury Your Dead this afternoon at B&N. I had pre-ordered it last summer and was counting the days til it would arrive. This Tuesday was my birthday and my girlfriend, Janet, in Florida (who also participates in your blog)sent me a B&N gift card so I used that to buy the book. I am flying out to Illinois next week to move my sister into an assisted living apartment so I am waiting to read it while on the flight. It's going to be a delicious torture to wait until then.

Melody said...

Dear Louise, I am glad your tour is going well. I am a librarian in Illinois, and we just received the Brutal Telling.. I was salivating. I am going to sneak it home to read first! :) I wish I was somewhere close to one of your tour stops... I do so enjoy your blog. Thanks for your books, I've read them all and they are among my favorites. :)


Susan Fish said...

Louise -

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

I'm so glad you're getting the book! And even drooling all over it. Yay.

and susan, thanks for the wonderful mention! Excellent. the only thing I'd ask you and others, who are so kind to spread the word, is to pleeeease try to be careful about how much information you give out about the various investigations. I've tried, as have the publishers, very hard to be somewhat coy about the different investigations - the why, and the outcome - for people who haven't yet read Bury Your Dead...and also for people who haven't read the other books.

I'm very grateful to you, Susan, for spreading the word about how good you think Bury Your Dead is. And hope to see you tomorrow at Word on the Street!

Susan G said...

You and Peter did a splendid job in Kingston, Louise. I, too, was blown away by the quality and training of Kingston's Writers Fest.

But it was easy to tell that the interviewer/listener in you is not very far in the past. Great questions posed by you and ever so generous in your comments.

A bit lovely to see your tremendous line-up and Peter at loose ends a few times. Best wishes for the rest of the tour. Make certain Michael knows he was missed.