Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Day One

cloudy, rainy, cool temps 12


It was supposed to be sunny and warm, so I put on a light top, and light sweater. And then it ended up being...not sunny and hot. But fortunately the Lord Elgin hotel is within walking distance of the Ottawa library. So no problem. Train trip here yesterday was easy...had huge fun with Michel at the C'est La Vie CBC Radio interview. The topic was how books are translated into French. Fascinating. Bernard St-Laurent, the host, was terrific.

Arrived in Ottawa about 7pm. But not before realizing I'd forgotten my agenda in Sutton!! This was like leaving my right leg there. Very crippling! Everything is in there. Thank God Michael saved the day. As soon as he got back to Sutton he FedExed it to the publisher in Toronto. And I have a tour schedule with me, sent by the publisher, so at least I'm not bumbling all over Ottawa, knocking on doors saying, 'I'm Louise. Am I suppose to speak to you?'

Had an event this morning at the library for the literacy novella, The Hangman. Spoke to a bunch of literacy advocates about the book.

Have another event tonight for The Brutal Telling. But I think I'll also read from Bury Your Dead as well.

So far so good. Tomorrow's an easy day...just travel to Kingston.

Oh, and have added a few new events...mostly book signings - including one in North Conway, Vermont, at White Birch books, on November 2nd.

Speak to you tomorrow...hope you're enjoying your day!


LeStudio1.com / Blogs Google said...

When Bury your Dead will it be in store?

Marjorie said...

It will be in stores in the US a week from today!!! (That's Sept. 28th.)

--Marjorie from CT

Darlene said...

Sounds soooo exciting, Louise. Isn't train travel just the best? And just think of all those anxious people waiting to see you!

Liz said...

Kingston! That's where we moved over the summer(to a 150-year-old house with no closets). Will you be making a public appearance?

Susan D said...

Louise, when will the C'est La Vie segment be broadcast?

Liz said...

I just noticed that you will be speaking at the Kingston Writers' Festival. Yay! I'm off to get a ticket.

Laura den Hertog said...

Oh Louise!
My copy of Bury Your Dead arrived a couple of days ago. I am supposed to be painting but I keep taking breaks to read. Who wants to create art when I could be reading art???
Not done yet as I am savoring it, but wonderful capturing of PTSD.
I just wanted to say Thank You!!!!


lil Gluckstern said...

I'm waiting. Please to other posters-don't say too much about the book. I'm in the USA, and I want to be surprised. It looks as if you always enjoy what you do. So alive in the moment. Another trip we are taking with you.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all -

It'll be great to see you, Liz - and Susan, I think the C'est la vie segment will air on CBC Radio nationally this weekend.

and yes, Darlene - it really is exciting...and people make it so easy...welcoming and kind, and patient. What a difference.

laura - I'm so glad you're enjoying it. And I know you are being careful, thank you...and I agree with Lil - less is more when describing the book. Though I can assure you Laura was careful to not say anything not on the jacket. thanks Laura. But with this book more than most, it is crucial to be discreet.

Thank you all!

Dana said...

North Conway, New Hampshire, I think. But perhaps there is a North Conway Vt also.