Saturday, 4 September 2010


Changeable, sunny, cloudy, warm, cold - rain, then sun - odd day

But fabulous news from the Lise front!!! She won four first prize ribbons - for her amazing hooked rug (which you can see here), a hooked runner, a decoupage plate and a pillow. Lise dominates the Brome County Fair! This is the second year in a row she's won the first place hooking ribbon. So proud of her. As part of the today's hooking demonstration at the Fair she tried to teach me how - allowing me to do a few 'hooks' on the picture she's doing. It wasn't pretty. Nor was it easy! All thumbs. On the right you can see Lise doing her thing - making it look so easy.

Congratulations, Lise!

Michael stayed home, so after the demonstration and congratulating Lise I went and got some peaches and corn for tonight. And then two Derby burgers - a Brome County Fair must! Made by our neighbours down the road, Charlie and Sheila Derby and their children and grandchildren. A real fair tradition. Their granddaughter, Rhianna, and I have spent time together comparing notes as writers. She was also there, running between food stands. It's a crazy weekend it you're a Derby. I am not - so I got to simply order two burgers, with saute-ed onions. then hopped back in the beetle and off home before the burgers got too cold.

Just finished some work - odds and ends that pile up. Doug is arriving tonight. I'm having breakfast with Cheryl tomorrow, while Michael and Doug have breakfast together. Gary's invited but I think he needs to spend every moment building their home. We can hardly wait to see it.

And tomorrow afternoon? Well, secretly, I hope it's rainy and cold. And we can come home, light the fire and read. Might grab a bath.

I read your comments about deep fried butter, and totally agree. Just the thought...

Speak to you tomorrow.

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Diane said...

Beautiful hooked rugs, gorgeous. So wonderful to see - a cultural pheonmena. Lise is a very gifted person. I tried my hand once but was too clumsy, but I am content to gaze with admiration.

Congratualations Louise on the translation of Still Life - I can't imagine the thrill it would have been for you - ground breaking and hopefully will pave the way for other Canadian authors.