Sunday, 26 September 2010

Changing colours

partly cloudy, cool, temps 15

Seasonable day - we are into autumn. Spoke to Michael this morning and he told me the mountain behind our home is now all red and the trees change colours. He was heading out to get croissants for his cousin Marjorie and our mutual friend Kate, who're coming to visit for a few days.

I'm so sorry to miss them. And miss the leaves changing. And miss Michael.

But I'm having fun here. So important, I realize, not to look sideways, at the stuff happening elsewhere. But to enjoy and appreciate exactly where I am.

Today is the celebration of David Thompson's life. The young co-owner of Murder by the Book in Houston who died suddenly, shockingly, almost two weeks ago. McKenna, his wife, and his friends and co-workers have organized a party for today, at the Briar Club in Houston, from 2 to 5. They've also set up a fund to help pay for a lasting memorial to this wonderful man. A scholarship perhaps. For those interested, here's the info from the Murder by the Book site...

Checks to the order of "In Memory of David Thompson" (NOT simply David Thompson)

Mail for deposit to:
7 E. 14th St. #1206
New York, NY 10003

It's being organized by a terrific NYC crime writer, Alafair Burke.

Wish I could be there - but I'm here.

Sitting in the Le Germain hotel room, watching the Sunday morning news programmes, eating fruit salad and drinking coffee. More editing on the newsletter and a last minute question from a reporter. This is a great hotel and excellent room. sort of like a loft - I think that's the look they're going for. A boutique hotel but instead of that being code for 'minuscule rooms' it is actually code for small hotel, huge rooms. And very cool washroom with a glass wall between the bedroom and the shower. And huge floor to ceiling windows looking into downtown montreal. The key is to remember, when standing in the shower, that the only thing between me and people across the way are two windows.

Wonderful mention of En plein coeur on the big Quebec TV morning show today...SalutBonjour.

And lovely review of BURY YOUR DEAD on Jim Napier's website, (he also put it in the Sherbrooke Record, where he does book reviews).

donna, of Hachette Canada - the publishers - is coming by the hotel in about 45 minutes to drive me to Word on the Street in Kitchener for the two events. Not sure what to wear. Turtleneck? Sweater? Coat?

Not a bad life when that's the big issue.

A small update on our friend Louise. She's putting one foot in front of the other. Asking for help from people who specialise in grief counselling. She's amazing. I speak with her often, and email every day. And when I can't speak with her, Michael does. Since he lost his first wife to cancer he and Louise share an experience, a territory, known to them.

Must get dressed. Must remember to close the drapes when I do. don't want to blind Toronto!

Be well, McKenna. My head is here. My heart is in Houston today.


Jodi said...

Louise, I don't know a grief counselor, but this may help. Jule is an "invisible friend" of mine who lost someone suddenly. and

hilary said...

A murder could happen on one side of that glass wall. Shades of Psycho -- which I saw at the age of 8 and has forever scarred me and made it nearly impossible to take showers.

lil Gluckstern said...

What a poignant time for you-success, and love and grief-life's like that, I guess. Thinking of you as I await my book.

vtslajer said...

Hi Louise, Just returned home from an evening stroll in rather chilly downtown Montreal. I stopped at Chapters to take only peek at Bury Your Dead. Someone suggested to read your books as they were/are published to enjoy the characters most. So that is what I am doing, tryig slowly to read all your books. I did not find Bury Your Dead or any other book under your name, they are all SOLD OUT! They have only En plein coeur but for that people usually shop in the French bookstores. Louise, yiu are on the roll! Congratulations.

Vaclav Tom

Diane said...

I am so happy for you Louise. No one deserves to be one the receiving end of accolades and best sellers than you.

I have enjoyed your work for many years now and know how hard you have worked.


lil Gluckstern said...

I read about your success at the "Word" on DorothyL. Yay, no more empty chairs...

Louise Penny Author said...

So true, isn't it, about life being like that. Filled with joy, and sorrow.

I am beyond pleased that so far, not many empty seats - except for the GoodReads events, which don't, frankly, seem well organized. But I think they're just not used to having books out there - all new to them. The next wave will probably be better organized and publicized. Not a big deal for me, but it would be great to get the books out there for emerging readers - and raise money for literacy.

I'm so deeply grateful to everyone who is spreading the word!!! And loved the Dorothy L. post. And the chapters news!

Thanks for keeping me company.