Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Five Bag Day

overcast, temps 16

Chilly, windy, fall day. Sat on the screen porch for much of the morning, finishing Michael's manuscript. Fabulous book!!! I'm so excited for him. Huge amount of work - research, writing and re-writing. It's thrilling to read it. And to celebrate with him.

finished it. Then hopped in the car and drove to Knowlton to deliver stuff for My Assistant Lise. She actually lives quite a distance away, so our 'drop' is Brome Lake Books. While there I also signed copies of The Hangman. It's the Gamache/Three Pines novella written for adult encourage people upgrading their reading skills to read. They're understandably frustrated with being given children's books. So literacy organizations in Canada have started approaching novelists to write shorter, but still complex books, for adults.

If you're interested, Brome Lake Books carries the full range, not just The Hangman. Apparently kids - teens - like them too. Which would be wonderful! And it also helps raise money for literacy organizations - and God knows, they could use the help.

On my way home I had a sudden thought... our friends Cheryl and Gary and their kids will be staying in our home while we're away - since they're building their own home. Clearly this is a fabulous solution for all of us. But - I suddenly realized it they're all staying here they might appreciate some closet space. Some room in the dressers. Some place for their food! For their toothbrush.


Poor guy. He was relaxing in front of the fireplace and I came storming in like a Tasmanian Devil - Within an hour we'd thrown out five big garbage bags worth of junk! And have other boxes filled with salvageable stuff for Pat and Tony.

Been thinking a lot about the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. We watched, stunned. Having been there, we have some sense of what a gorgeous and important city it is. In Canadian terms is would be as though Halifax was all but destroyed. Perhaps others have a better comparison. But this must be staggering to New Zealanders. And to everyone who has affection for that jewel of a country.

On a much lighter note, I watched Jaws yesterday. Hadn't seen it in years and had forgotten just what a brilliant movie it is.

Hope you've enjoyed the weekend.


Marni said...

Could you please come and clean out my closets when you're done? And when you come out with the authors tour clothing line, make it all wrinkle-free and color-coordinated, too!

Porch work is the best, isn't it? We just lost our humidity when Earl ran past us and I was able to work out there yesterday for two hours. It's my favorite time of year here in NC. The river sparkles, the fish are still jumping--locals call them happy mullet-and the light changes to a muted softness in the afternoon.

Congrats to you on getting all the book work done~

Leinda said...

Marni, you said, "the light changes to a muted softness..." This time of year always makes me think of the line from "There's a certain slant of light..." Although the line is from a poem about oppression and death (as usual for Emily Dickinson) the line really describes for me the way the light glows in the fall of the year in my part of the world. I wish I could better describe the light or even paint it! ~Leinda

Louise Penny Author said...

hi you two,

What lovely evocative. And fun. And Leidnda, I think you write beautifully.