Friday, 1 October 2010

Editor's Pick!!!

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Before I get into the details just two pieces of fabulous news. BURY YOUR DEAD is the Editor's Pick (4 of 4 stars!) in this week's People Magazine. And there's a full page ad on the inside back page of this week's New Yorker magazine - thanks to my US publisher, Minotaur. Yippeee!!!

In Providence, Rhode Island now. Hectic few days! Had just a blast at Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Pittsburgh. Thank you Mary Alice and Richard, and the standing room only crowd. Feels so great. All those tours when no one showed up! I think that's a rite of passage - like falling off a horse. And landing on your ego.

Because I went through that I am SO deeply appreciative when people do show up. So a very sincere thank you to the crowds to far!!!

Mary Alice picked me up at the airport - and took me on the most harrowing drive of any book tour. This 'secret' shortcut. I probably should have asked her 'shortcut to where?' Heaven? Eternity? Laryngitis from shrieking?

It was this single lane steep winding road (in Pittsburgh!). Mary Alice had to honk going around the corners (at about 100 miles an hour) so that whatever truck driver who might be bearing down on us would have a chance to say his prayers too. Dear Lord.

There are NO atheists on book tours. And not, perhaps, a lot of clean underwear.

When I regained consciousness we were at their fabulous Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont. Place was packed. Lots of fun, thoughtful, welcoming people. Maybe it was Heaven...

Yesterday morning I had an early flight to Boston. The storm was coming in. sheet of rain in Pittsburgh and storm warnings for Boston. I was sure we'd be delayed, or the flight even cancelled. But everyone was perfect! No rain at all in Boston yesterday. Met at the airport by Sally, this GREAT publishers rep. She works really hard, setting up signings and driving all over the place. Very funny, very warm and effective person. The plane arrived about 11am and was in the hotel in Providence, RI by 4pm.

Today there's a bookseller's cocktail - as part of the New England Independent Bookseller's Association bookfair. A signing tonight at 8 at Books on the Square, in Providence. A bookseller's breakfast tomorrow has been organized so I can meet more privately with some. Then off to a signing at Bank Square Books in Mystic, CT - about noon.

tomorrow night there's a big event in Madison, CT. It's at RJ Julia Booksellers. It's a ticketed event. Five dollars, but the price can be applied to buying the book. It would be wonderful to see you there. Then on Sunday, I'll be at the Brattleboro writers festival in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Fortunately the publishers know I have no sense of direction and will just as likely show up in Cleveland. So the magnificent Sarah Melnyk, a senior publicist at Minotaur, will be driving me all over for three days. Poor one.

Fortunately for me the bar for authors us set pretty low. I think publicists are just happy if you're sober and clothed. will try to achieve at least those two things.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your kind words and support of Bury Your Dead!!! I am sorry that spoilers have happened, but I genuinely believe most of them are simply a surfeit of enthusiasm - and the difficulty in describing this book without letting some stuff out. But I'm sorry it is happening.

For myself, I need to concentrate on all the great good energy and thoughts and support you're sending my way. And have for many years. I know how lucky I am. How can I not stand in the light when you are sending so much? the shadow, the critiques, are simply part of the price.

Be well, my friends. I'll try to blog tomorrow, but it looks like a desperately busy day. Hope you can make it to one of the upcoming events.


Catherine Hedrich said...

Hi Louise,

Congratulations on your latest success. I ordered "Bury Your Dead" on-line yesterday. I am one of your most recent fans after reading about you in a Quebec magazine, while getting my hair done at the hair salon last month.

I was first curious about an author writing within the context of a beautiful area of Canada, the Eastern Townships. I had both lived there as a child and then returned for summer jobs as a young adult.

Although I was hooked on your characters and your beautiful description of the settings (with my favourite "café au lait")within the first twenty pages of "Still Life", it was your candour and emotional courage within the text of gratitude at the beginning of your novel, which first gave me an insight to the depth of your understanding of human nature through your own experience.

It took me five weeks to read your first five books and I unfortunately could not attend your visit to the Ottawa Library last week, but I hope to catch up with you at the Salon du Livre in Montreal at the end of November.

Until then, thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your talent for painting poetry with words.

a new fan,


lil Gluckstern said...

I have deliberately avoided reading the comments about the book because I treasure the discovery in reading any book. I liked your newsletter, and I am glad you are enjoying your trip-with all its-er-adventures. Have fun.

Lesa said...


What a beautiful message from your new reader, Catherine. She beautifully summarized how you share yourself with your readers. Thank you.

I've never met Sarah, but I've corresponded a couple times with her. Tell her Lesa Holstine said hi!


Donna K said...

I'm finally relaxed about the spoiler issue..ha..gee. and my blood pressure was even good at my physical yesterday!

You know, when a novel has such quality and depth and good feelings about it, makes the reading process so worthwhile. Actually,
half the time I forget the endings after awhile while the other nuances, good feelings, associations from the writings linger. As soon as your new reader Catherine mentioned similar feelings, I got my perspective back.

vtslajer said...

Louise, thanks for another great newsletter. It was in my inbox when I woke up today around 7 am. Your mailings are as exact as the Swiss watch (that's what we used to say...). Great intro quoting my darling author Thomas Mann. I am happy that Bury Your Dead is making so many headlines. I still have to read through your previously published books to "more fully enjoy the character development" as someone said. I'll get there.
Salut from your home province, VT.

Diane said...

I have the book and a glorious weekend read. Hope you packed some vitamins for the huge tour - excitement, gratitude and love of writing and readers help as well. Rest in the well deserved accolades.

Louise Penny Author said...

Welcome Catherine....and thank you all for welcoming her too, into Three Pines.
And thank you all for your far, so very good. Energy great. Am, of course, a complete slug between events...but afraid to lose too much energy.
Thanks for keeping me company, and all the encouraging words...I feel like a cowboy.