Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Brutal Telling - paperback!

Mostly cloudy, cold, temps 15

I wanted to make sure I told you that THE BRUTAL TELLING is now out in trade paperback. It's a fabulous cover and great package. Hope you like it too! And if you could tell others about it now being available in paperback, that would be wonderful. I'm assuming most of you have already read it in hardcover, either through your library or buying it. Or listening to the wonderful audio version. So thank you!

Had a wonderful dinner last night with Doug. He was here when we returned from the meeting - and already boiling water for the fresh corn. Simple, lovely meal of broccoli and potatoes and corn, and barbequed steak. Then to bed to read. Up in time for breakfast with Cheryl, while Doug and Michael ate at another table.

Then off to visit Cheryl and Gary's new home, under construction. It's in the forest, and so beautiful. What a dream. I'd love for Michael and me to build our own home. Wouldn't that be fun. A small place. No more trophy homes. And Cheryl and Gary's home is just wonderful.

Then - home! To sit quietly in front of the fire with a cafe au lait and reading Michael's manuscript. Did I tell you what the bugger did? Remember when we were in BC at the festival a few weeks ago and Michael had given me his finished manuscript...I sat on the dock and read it, making notes. Loving it. Well, when we got home and I gave it back he looked at it and blushed.

'what is it?' I asked.

'hee, hee,' he replied. Michael very rarely giggles. It is almost never a good sign.

'Go on,' I said.

'Well, it's a funny thing.' (which was a guarantee it wasn't going to be all that funny), 'but I gave you the wrong version. That was an old one.'

I then said a few things...

And now I'm reading the 'real' manuscript. And if it isn't, I don't want to know. But the thing is, as much as I adored the draft I read, this one really is even better. I'm very, very happy for him!

So we're both sitting by the fire, reading. I made chicken noodle soup and fresh tomato sandwiches for lunch. Eaten by the fire. Doug brought his dog - Buttercup, the Hound from Hell. Who drank most of the pond then threw it back up. So we've been going for long walks with BC and Trudy.

Lovely day. Breakfast tomorrow with Joan. As you know, it's my meal of choice. Not sure what's for dinner tonight. We have baguette and cheese - by the fire - and perhaps a pasta and pesto.

Speak tomorrow. Happy Labour Day long weekend.


Marjorie said...

Buttercup. I love Buttercup.

Mason Canyon said...

I'll be on the lookout for THE BRUTAL TELLING in paperback. Have a great Labor Day.

Thoughts in Progress

lil Gluckstern said...

Fresh tomato sandwiches, fresh corn, gotta go to the produce stand. Do you know when I talk about your books, I never forget to talk about the setting, the plotting, the language, and the FOOD? Guess what my issue is? Enjoy your home, it sounds so lovely...

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Yes, Marjorie - you and BC have an almost spiritual connection. You both had fun this weekend...but I won't mention what it is 'you' ate.

Thanks Mason - hope you like the book - and the packaging. I adore both.

Hi Lil - you and me both...seem to have switched one addiction for another. Still, way worse ones than food. Mostly I love writing about it...though a few good meals have crossed my lips too.