Friday, 17 September 2010


sunny, cool, temps 12

Saw my breath for the first time this autumn two days ago. Had that strange moment, as though it had never happened before, of looking at it and thinking, 'What's that?' I actually reminded me, briefly, of my days as a smoker. Here in Canada we all begin to 'smoke' in the fall. Though I remember when I smoked about a pack a day I could be indoors and hold my breath, then strain, and when I opened my mouth smoke would come out....even if I didn't have a cigarette going.

At about that time I began to consider quitting.

The above photo was taken while Michael and I were barbequing - and looking at our breaths. Ironically, there was a breath-taking sight right there. Can you see the rainbow? to the left of the photo...very faint. Stronger in person. Gorgeous.

We're in Montreal...had a few things to attend to yesterday. Heading home now, but stopping off in Granby to take Louise out for lunch. The service is tomorrow morning - small - for family mostly though Louise asked us to be there. Then a lunch at the church all after. We can't make that since I have a book signing for En plein coeur at the fabulous bookstore in Sutton tomorrow. From 1:30 to 3:30...though a newspaper reporter will be meeting me there at 1pm.

We've asked Louise to come to our place after her lunch, to relax. Catch her breath. Then we've organized a celebration of Jacques life tomorrow evening - with pot luck supper. Again, at a local church hall. Lots of loving friends. But exhausting for Louise. This was Jacques wishes, and hers - but tomorrow is just going to be draining for her.

She'll spend the night with us...and she's arranged for a spa day sunday...a form of therapy.

I spent Wednesday packing up and throwing out clothing...sorting what's left into plastic boxes which are now in the basement. Yesterday morning was garbage day. And there were five huge bags waiting for them.

But when I got up and went to get dressed I realized...I have NOTHING to wear. I'd packed up or thrown out everything! The cupboard was bare. And I began to remember all the things I tossed. Things no one else would (or should) wear - but that might be good for one last trip to Montreal.

I could just see rushing out to the curb and going through the garbage bags for that day's wardrobe. Fighting off the garbage men. Dumpster diving for fashion. Never mind good taste - the new criterion will be good smell.

Fortunately before suffering that event (which almost certainly would but a chink in our marriage, though I survive fishing Michael out of the septic tank last year - so he can survive a wife dressed in garbage. What a power-couple we are!) I found something hiding in the bottom of a drawer - quite a nice sweater actually - which people will be seeing quite a bit of over the next few days.

By the way, I'm blogging today over at The Lipstick Chronicles. Visit if you get a chance. it's about jacques and David.

Don't think I'll get a chance to blog tomorrow - but will talk to you on Sunday. have a terrific weekend.


lil Gluckstern said...

I wish you and the other Louise strength through tomorrow. Love and peace.

frouch said...

I am thrilled to hear that Louise will spend the night at your place tomorrow! After all these draining events, how wonderful it will be for her to bathe in love and friendship.

Michael and you are real angels. Thank you many times for taking such good and loving care of Louise and Jacques...

With lots of love,

Marcia said...

Just today in Des Moines, Iowa, my daughter saw her breath while running out to her car at 6:00 a.m. and mentioned it to me. A rite of fall. I have noticed over the past year that our weather is so similar to yours! It makes me feel good, and somewhat continental. One continent, anyway, we'll start there.

Larry Marshall said...'s HERE!!!!

Bury the Dead showed up in Quebec City today. For those who don't know, we in Quebec have been blessed by a visit from Louise with every book release. And with each release I've patiently awaited her arrival to buy the book during the signing.

Well, Louise...pooh on that. As I get older I have become less patient. I couldn't wait until Oct 28 and so bought Bury the Dead this afternoon. You'll just have to sign my 'used' copy this time.

See ya in October. I wonder how many authors can say they are going to 'return to the scene of the crime for a book signing.' -- Larry

Jeanine said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with you, Michael and Louise during your celebration of Jacques' life. What a special thing to do. How wonderful that Louise will come to spend the night with you. You are true friends.

I can just picture you fighting with the garbage men over your bags of clothes. So funny. Something Ruth might do.

Loved the blog on The Lipstick Chronicles.

Beth said...

I'll be holding you all close tomorrow, as you look back on Jacques's life in love and celebration, and I know I am not alone in that.

xxx Beth
in Oregon

Marni said...

Hope the two Louise's and Michael manage the long day all around. They call that "dumpster diving" here in NC, Louise. Glad you found that sweater just in time! Can't wait to get my copy of Bury the Dead, coming via "your" bookstore~I'm hoping it arrives before I leave for a 3 week sgingin tour of my own, eding up in Maine. I was sorely tempted to keep going to Quebec but you'll be on the road when I'm up time!

Louise Penny Author said...

Thank you for your thoughts...and 'frouch' - so wonderful to see you at the service at the cemetery! I always adore seeing you, even at such a sad time. How lucky Louise is to have you!

I'm SO pumped about Bury Your DEad getting out there... I hope you enjoy it! How odd to be talking about that title, today. Hmmm.