Monday, 27 September 2010


overcast and cloudy, cool, temps 13

This is about right for this time of year. Nice musky scent in the air, even in Toronto. I'm assuming it's leaves...but...doesn't bear thinking of.

Tomorrow's the BIG day. BURY YOUR DEAD goes on sale in US!!! It has been on sale in Canada for a few days-but the publisher here has worked very hard to make sure there're copies at all my events. I've come to realize that the publication date and the actual 'on sale' date can be two very different things. Like so much in life.

Had fabulous news. The US publisher just found out that People Magazine will be running a review of BURY YOUR DEAD in their Oct 11th magazine - which apparently will be on sale this Friday. Clearly People Magazine is very powerful and can shift time. And books, I hope.


Please let me know what you think of the book - and if you like it, please tell others.

Had a fun day. A couple of interviews this morning, then off to sign books at a supplier called North 49. Then a fabulous lunch with these four dynamic and VERY interesting women who work at at place called CMMI - which does marketing of books for the big stores like The Bay and Zellers and Walmart. We talked books and the changing markets, but mostly we just talked about our own lives. One of them told a hilarious story about her high school history teacher who was near retirement, burned out and angry at the education system and decided that kids needed to learn practical stuff. Like how to negotiate a buffet table. Get small portions and go back often. That was his advice. Each class he'd give them some bit of 'wisdom', which sadly had nothing to do with history. or wisdom, it seems.

Then back home to read a manuscript someone had sent me. I actually sat in the hotel lounge...very nice lounge...with a chamomile tea (I'd forgotten what a comforting aroma it has) and read. Then called Michael, who was having a relaxing day going between the screen porch and the fireside, with his guests, Marjorie and Kate.

They're all going to the Auberge West Brome for dinner.

Tomorrow I have a 9am event at the Toronto Reference Library with Maureen Jennings, Joy Fielding and a few other authors to officially launch the GoodReads literacy books. And to tape some TV interviews.

A lunch later on with Hachette Canada (my Canadian publisher) people. Then I'll be doing an event at 7 tomorrow night at the Runnymede Library.

Fying to Pittsburgh Wednesday, for a 7 pm event at Mystery Lovers Bookshop - which is actually in Oakmont, PA. Then on to Boston the next day.

I mention all this because I'm not sure I'll be able to blog for a few days as things get hectic.

Such an exciting week!!! I will sure try to blog tomorrow, if only briefly, to yipppeee about BURY YOUR DEAD finally being published in the US.


Michele said...

I was just notified that my copy was mailed out today so hopefully tomorrow I will be reading!! Can't wait to start! I know I won't be getting anything done until I have finished. Thanks for the great books - stories. I so want to move to Three Pines.

Lesa said...

Yippee is right, Louise! I booktalked it today for librarians. I told them it was a masterpiece.

bgpringle said...

I was e-mailed by Amazon that my copy has been sent out today. So Yippee is definitely the word for the day!

A. Wright said...

My copy of "Bury The Dead" was on my porch today when I came home from work. The problem is I have also ordered the Kindle version so I can read it without turning the pristine pages of the hardback version (that I want you to sign at B'Con, Louise), but the Kindle version won't show up for a day or two. Now the darn HB copy is singing its siren song and tempting me to open and read, but I must be strong...really I must hold my resolve.


frouch said...

Dear Louise,

I have it! Bury your dead is right next to me! Went to Chapters and bought it tonight. Also took "The Hangman" so the family will be complete on my bookshelves...

Hope you'll have a terrific day tomorrow.


Beth said... just sent the glad tidings that "Bury Your Dead" is on its way to me. Yippee, indeed!

Dorothy said...

Thanks very much for signing my sister's book in Toronto. She was thrilled to get it in Md. the day before it came out in the U.S., and double-thrilled with the inscription. So happy you helped me pull that off. You have a family of fans!

Diane said...

People magazine - wow!! How exciting. The American readers are in for a real treat. Kudos!

Linda said...

I have never been as excited about a new book as I am about this one! My book and audio are in the mail, due tomorrow, so I'll be "unavailable" for the next few days. Wishing you a fabulous tour, Louise. And THANK YOU!

Donna K said...

OMG It's here. And luckily I have a hair appt. in town and will stop in at B&N!

And....maybe I should wait for a storm and read all, wait..I should savor it in pieces..

no..i could reward myself with a chapter a day after a successful day of dieting..yes, that's it by golly!

speaking of which, how do you keep hopping around. was wondering what vitamins you and michael take or if you're growing something on the grounds....

excited in wisconsin
Donna K

Anonymous said...

Oh me too!! me too!! I received my confirmation that my book had been mailed out. Oh glory be!! Just in time for my Santa Fe trip.

This is going to be heaven. Reading about Armand, eating green chilis, smelling pinon wood fires, and watching the magnificent sunsets.

Jill in Texas

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

You are all TOO great! thank you, thank you for being so amazing. Let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for my clock here in Indiana to read 11am -- that's when the new releases show up on Audible. Whap! Downloaded, on the mp3 player, ready for tomorrow's flight to visit my daughter in Florida. Listening to A Brutal Telling (3rd time!) in preparation. Mr. Cosham is pitch perfect. Thanks so much for giving me hours of delight.

When does the cookbook come out? (You should consider it. I get hungry every time my ears take me to Three Pines...)

mountainwoman68 said...

I enjoyed the book very much, and forced myself to read it as slowly as possible (2-3 chapters at a time rather than half the book in one sitting) in order to enjoy it longer. Makes me long to visit Quebec.

Methinks Agent Nichol needs a swift kick in the arse. There's something very, very wrong with her! I presume this will be explored in the future?