Saturday, 11 September 2010

Peaceful day

sunny, mild, temps 23

Gorgeous September day. One of the trees outside our window has started to turn. Each autumn is different in Quebec. Some are exceptionally colourful - others almost dull. Depends on all sorts of precipitation and temperatures. I'd say more, but I'd just be making it up. Not sure yet if this fall will be stunning, but the tree outside the window sure is. And when the light catches it, it's like being in a glorious, cheerful cathedral.

Like so many others around the world, we're thinking of this anniversary. September 11th. And how it changed all our lives - but mostly the lives of the families of those lost on that day - and subsequently. All over the world.

We're having a quiet day. Beginning to think seriously about what to pack for a two month tour that takes me from Arizona to November in London. Long underwear and a bathing suit. And perhaps a few other articles of clothing. I think we should start a whole line of Author Tour clothing. All made of cardboard. Disposable after a couple of weeks - biodegradable - and then you pick up some more.

Or, better still. Edible. So that on long plane rides we can nibble at our sleeves. And that way, at conferences and events, you can tell which authors have been on the road for a long time. Those with gnawed dresses and socks, or standing only in the underwear, but having a trace of a tie attached to their cheek, have probably been out for longer than is good for them. We could call the clothing line, 'Good Taste' - or 'Tastes Good'.

The dry cleaning went in today. Am trying to decide if I should take my sweats - for relaxing in the hotel room when I'm not working. A luxury, to be sure, since sweats are bulky. I bought on pair of sox designed to be quick drying, for overnight washing in the sink.

somehow, doing my laundry in the hotel room at night isn't quite how I saw my publishing career going. But I have to admit, a two month tour bodes well for the success of the books. It better- or I'll eat my hat.

Be well today.


lil Gluckstern said...

You sure can paint a picture . Good luck packing! Does a pink shirt taste pink? Never mind.

Susan Fish said...

JKW said...

November in Miami for the book fair? Are you still coming to that? Blessings, Janet

joanne_maine said...

OMG you are too funny ! I know they already make edible underwear so expanding the concept to include other articles of clothing is certainly feasible ...I guess.
Enjoy the tour,
Joanne Derby

Candleman said...

A piece of tie on your cheek - makes you sound like Clara. Haha!

mary said...

I read an article from a 'jeans expert' and he said you should only wash your jeans twice a year so they can really form to your body. Leggings, rather than sweats. I wear a tunic or even a shorter dress over them. And they don't get wrinkled. Good luck!

Ann said...

I enjoy your books. Have you ever thought to have Gamache meet Inspector Brunetti (Donna Leon)? I think they might be good friends.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

It's true - if they can make edible underwear (I remember giving some to my mother decades ago as a christmas stocking stuffer - then we all ate them. Can you spell 'Therapy'?) why can't they make entire lines of clothing? What's wrong with these scientists anyway?

Yes, Janet, I'll be doing an event in Miami on the sunday.

JKW said...

Yay, thanks for telling me the exact date. I'm only an hour from there. See you then. Blessings, Janet