Sunday, 19 September 2010

C'est la vie

mainly sunny, mild, temps 15

Thank you so much for your good wishes and energy. Yesterday was long but very beautiful. jacques' funeral was lovely. it was a bright sunny day, and the cemetery is in a lovely village, surrounded by hills and forests. It smelled of fall, that slight musky scent. there were tears and laughs and great peace.

Louise's best friend- Louise - (I'm not kidding) was there, of course. Lending wisdom and support. This Louise often comments on the blog as 'frouch'. Hi Louise! We're known as LouLouLou. But what a wonderful thing for Louise to have her lifetime best friend there. And 'frouch' was so kind to bring a gift for me! Gummi bears.

then scooted to Sutton for the signing for En plein coeur at the Livre d'or. wonderful event!! Interestingly, my quebec publisher (louise) was there, and she brought her husband and best friend - Louise.

I'm not kidding. it was like a plague. A good plague, if such a thing exists. All these Louise's were kind and loving and supportive. But it did feel like the Bob Newhart show. My brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell.

And - wonderful news - En plein coeur is number 3 on the bestsellers lists. Very happy about that!

Then the celebration party for Jacques last night. Louise - such a courageous woman - spoke, as did Michael. I ate.

then home and we sat in the living room with tea, and talked. Louise described putting the lamp on beside Jacques' chair and talking to him. Then setting the timer and saying, 'I'll give you another 15 minutes, and then I need to get into action.' She wants to make sure she doesn't sink into sorrow. But has balance...grief. But also picks herself up. Amazing woman.

We're so glad she spent the night with us, not least of all because today was Jacques' birthday. So we put a picture of him on the table - and toasted his birthday.

And now Michael and I are in Montreal. He has an eye appointment tomorrow monring - then he's heading home. I can't quite believe we're going to be apart for almost 3 weeks. We've been apart for 5 days on past tours - but never this long. I know it'll be OK - but sad.

After he's gone I have an interview with C'est La Vie, with the fabulous Michel Saint Germain, who translated the book - and Bernard St-Laurent, the host of the show...and an old friend of mine. Fabulous journalist - especially brilliant on the issue of quebec politics. Love being on his show.

then hopping a train to Ottawa for two events Tuesday. One is for The Hangman, the literacy book - in the morning - with an adult literacy group...then at 7 on Tuesday night I'll be at the main branch of the Ottawa library. Love to see you there.

Long post, but I suspect I won't have time to blog tomorrow. Be well. Thanks for the company.


Dana said...

I have a Louise too. My granddaughter, who is named for her maternal great-grandmother Louise Comeau. And my Louise is a kind hearted girl and has been for all of her 14 years.

My Bury Your Dead is in the mail!

Have a wonderful tour.

Brenda B. said...

Hello Louise,

I'm glad to hear the funeral for Jacques was so fitting, and that his spouse spent evening with you and Michael afterward.

I have no other Louise in my real life, but for what it is worth, Louisa (Lou for short) is the name of my protagonist's dog in my series-in-progress (e.g., I have finished but not sold one book and am now in the middle of writing the second one).

I wish you a wonderful tour, knowing that you will be eager to get home to your Michael three weeks hence.

Brenda B. in Maine

vtslajer said...

Hi Louise, I hope that the interview on C'est la vie went well. Bernard St-Laurent belongs to the most knowledgeable political journalists in QC. However, I enjoyed Radio Noon so much more when you (or later Nancy or Anne) were the hosts than now with B. in the host's chair...

I was in Vancouver for the weekend and bought two of your books (#2 and #3 after Still Life), so I am slowly catching up, reading them in the chronological order.

Have a good week.

Liz said...

Remember, separations often make marriages stronger. Bill, my husband, once took a posting to Asia while the rest of us stayed behind in Washington, DC. We didn't see him for almost 2 years! I don't think we would have done it in the pre-email era, though.
So sad that I've moved from Ottawa now that you are going to be there...

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thank you for your messages - loved hearing about your Louise's! (or Lou's - excited about your series, Brenda). And so appreciate your experiences with time apart in a relationship. I must say, it is disconcerting. Even upsetting, to be away from Michael. But it's simply Michael-sickness. I'll feel better in a few days.

Gummi's - quick, medic - gummi's.

frouch said...

Dear Louise,

Thanks a million time for your kind words! Alice kept me from reading them before...

Hope the weeks without Michael will pass really fast.

Take care,