Saturday, 25 September 2010


partly cloudy, mild, temps 18

got up to 30 degrees yesterday...really hot. Impossible to know what to wear these days!

Spent the morning writing the october newsletter...sent it off to Linda in Scotland, and she sent back a few suggestions. Wonderful to work with people, like Linda and Lise and Marjorie, who know me and are so helpful. What a difference that makes.

Nice day. Went off to Sleuth of Baker Street for an event this afternoon. I adore that store! GREAT mystery bookstore in Toronto. Lots of people. My brother Doug and his family came - as they have for every one of the books. So supportive. And my cousin Chris, her husband Carl and my aunt Phyllis came. Phyllis is approaching 90 but looks 60. Soon people will think I'm the aunt.

Great news - En plein coeur continues on the bestseller lists!!!

And now will spend the evening replying to emails, editing the newsletter. Tomorrow I have two US print media interviews in the morning, then at 11:30 Donna is picking me up and we're off to Word on the Street in Kitchener.

do you have that one day literary festival? I don't know when or where it started, but it's a magnificent idea. I believe it's Canada wide, on the same day. Communities host all sorts of authors, who give readings and talks and sign books. Much of it happens outside, on streets that have been closed for the event - and in park, and in tents. I'm doing two events in Kitchener - one for the library, for Bury Your Dead - and one for the GoodReads literacy book, The Hangman.

I've been a little worried about it, since it's a novella and that's not a form I'm familiar or comfortable with. But - well - people seem to be enjoying it. so important for me to hear - especially since it's aimed at people with fairly low reading skills, or interest. Though it's meant to appeal to a wide readership.

So relieved it isn't crap.

Be well. I'll try to blog tomorrow and tell you how Word on the Street went. When I first (and last) did it, Still Life had just come out and no one showed up in my tent. Quite painful, actually - for everyone. But a rite of passage. I'm hoping tomorrow will be different! I'll let you know.


lil Gluckstern said...

I hope you're happy when you read this. You've come a long way since the beginning, you know? It does sound like a busy, busy schedule. Enjoy your rest when you get it.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lil,

And you've been with me from the first step. I don't ever, ever forget that. Thank you, my friend. And you rest too!