Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Happy Day

blustery, a little threatening, humid, temps 23

Happy Canada Day! Such fun! There'll be fireworks tonight in North Hatley, and the skies are forecast to clear just in time. I love fireworks.

Having a wonderful time here at Hovey and a terrific day. As you might know, it's my birthday. 51. Have to say, so for the 50's are pretty fantastic. Not a thing I miss from other decades. And I seem to have gained some facial hair and a bit more padding. Lucky me. Though I don't think the padding can be blamed on the decade...more the decadance.

Had another massage today. Wonderful.

And Michael gave me the most wonderful gift. I opened the jewelery case, baffled. I don't wear much jewelery and what I do has significance. A single ring on my right hand that I bought when I was barely 20, from money I'd made doing my first radio news report for the BBC. And on my left hand my wedding and engagement rings. And that's it.

It's not that I don't like jewelery, but I am a bit of a minimalist. Well, in some things. In things you can't eat.

I opened the box, stared, and burst into tears. He'd had a pendent designed. It was a simple round sterling silver disk, and on it were etched three, simple, pine trees. We both cried and hugged.

How beautiful it is to have a husband, a love, who understands that these are not just books, that this is not simply a series of fictional characters and what I'm living isn't a career. It's a dream. A fulfillment.

How blessed I am.

Happy Canada Day. Happy day.


Lesa said...

Oh, Louise! I can understand why you burst into tears. Michael is pretty special. Many men wouldn't get it.

Happy Birthday, and Happy Canada Day! That's so nice they celebrate your birthday with fireworks. (grin) Very appropriate.

Bobbie said...

Oh Louise! Happy Louise Day!! Happy Canada Day!! Happy!!!! I believe this gift speaks many volumes...and a writer can attest to that, as can someone in love. There are misty eyes here at the moment. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I've been having such interest and fun thinking about you and Michael at the place you adore, and also thinking about your book set in a resort-great book. Again, Happy Day! And fireworks celebrate Louise! :-) As Lesa says, Very appropriate. :-)


Maria Lima said...

Happy Can-birthday, Louise!! May the year ahead bring you wonderful things.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise, Happy, Happy Birthday!! I am your elder by not quite a year. :-)

Also, Happy Canada Day! You have such a treasure in Michael. What a lovely, meaningful gift. I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation. It is most deserved.

Take care and I hope this next year is one filled with dreams coming true!

P.S. The mailman brought me a fun surprise, an advance reader copy of THE BRUTAL TELLING. I can't wait!!

Brenda B. said...

Happy Birthday, Louise and Happy Canada Day.

We hope the fireworks were fabulous. The pendant sounds just lovely. Thank you for sharing that wonderful story.

Wishing you the best,

Brenda & Diane

Lee Ann said...

Happy Birthday! What a lovely gift from Michael.

I saw a bag of gummi creatures today and thought of you!

Lee Ann

lil Gluckstern said...

Oh Louise,

I didn't realize that it was your birthday; I must have missed that somewhere. I wish you the best, and got teary eyed at your gift. How could it just be just books? your world is in these writings. You and Michael are so lucky ans so well matched in each other. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Tammy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday and may all your wishes (surely there are one or two more!) come true.

Tammy in MO

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, so romantic. Happy Birthday Louise.

Can't wait to see the pendent at one of the future cons.


Jody said...

What a wonderful gift. Symbolic, simple. Very wonderful husband.

Jeanine said...

Happy birthday, Louise. What a wonderful present from an obviously wonderful man!

We all love both of you.

Hazel said...

I don't know you or your wonderful husband, but I do know your books and I understand his gesture, so the lump in my throat and the moist eyes are genuine.

I remember being your age. Savour every moment. It's a great time of life, and my wish for you is that you will celebrate many more birthdays. I just turned 70 (and I am having fun celebrating 50 years of this and that, graduations, travel in my teens and twenties, etc.) and my mother is 94, so I know of what I speak!

Unfortunately, my husband, my soul-mate, died just before our 40th anniversary, but I am left with a great store of treasured memories. He once designed a pendant for me using a Cdn centennial medallion for a backing. A sky blue background applied to the reverse displays an edelweiss (which he picked from a rocky Austrian mountainside years before he met me). A translucent cover protects this precious emblem of his country and his love.

Best wishes for a great summer!

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Hazel,

Well, you have me in tears now. So beautiful. To live forever with your soulmate. And to never, ever be alone, in spirit.

Louise Penny Author said...

And, to everyone,

Oh, how do I say thank you for such kindness? It is wonderful to walk through these amazing times knowing you are all there - celebrating with us, getting angry when we're hurt and angry, eating all our meals together!! We had lots of strawberry parfait, by the way. And the duck breast was fabulous! (gummi creatures, Lee Ann?? - oh well, I'd eat the anyway)

Thank you for all your support, and being so generous to always let me know I'm not alone.

Bless you. Thank you. And Michael thanks you too.