Friday, 24 July 2009

Now, dear, what's that in the middle of the table?

overcast, drizzle, sunny temps 18

Great day...finished the second edit. So odd...there were times I was so thrilled with the book I was tingling...other times I thought it was horrible. Happily, now that I've finished I'm back to thinking it's good.

Just glad to have it done!! Went for breakfast in Knowlton this morning at the cafe floral and spoke with their wonderful chef Janet about doing a soup for a luncheon we're having Sunday. I love eating soups...but not so good at making them, as you might guess.

Then came home - chatted with Tara at Minotaur Books about the US launch. Very exciting. She was saying they're getting overwhelming response to the Advance copies...not only requests, but fabulous reactions coming in now from booksellers and reviewers who have read it. What a relief!!

We're about 2 months away from the release.

Started editing today at 10am and finished just now...6pm. Tomorrow Michael's cousin Marjorie, from Elora, Ontario, is arriving...just for a couple of days. Having some people she knows here for lunch Sunday. Lunch is a 'community' affair. Pat makes the salads, I'll get fresh bread from the bakery, cheese from the fromagerie and sliced meat from a place called La Rumeur. Pat is also making a blueberry and pea crisp. And Janet will do the soup.

Have no idea what the weather will be like - hope we can sit on the porch.

Tomorrow morning, before Marjorie arrives, we need to clean up...amazing what we've stopped noticing. Mostly books on the stairs, magazines and newspapers on the tables, and mail on the counter. And Maggie's ashes in her wooden box in the dining room. Guests might not appreciate that as a centre piece.

Keep meaning to spread the ashes, along with Seamus and Bonnie - but am reluctant for some reason...I think I wonderful if they'll feel lonely out there, or abandonned. That's really why we waited until there were three of them...felt more like 'company'. But now I worry we'll become the weird people down the street with the pet mausoleum. Or the people with the really macabre centre pieces.

Next weekend we have more family arriving...another chance to clean up! Yippee.

I always thought, before my writing career, that it must be very glamorous - and certainly wonderful to finish a book. I had vague ideas of jetting off to Paris to celebrate...not rounding up the ashes of dead dogs, or trying to figure out whether to serve hot or cold soup.

But, actually, it's quite nice. The writing is a seemless part of my life. Indistinguishable from other events.

Well, that's not totally true. It gives me such pleasure I sometimes feel I'll burst.

Thanks for joining me!!


Marjorie said...

Oh! For a second there I was hoping that it was I who was coming for a visit tomorrow. [grin]

Louise, just what is a blueberry and pea crisp???

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Marjorie,

What - you're not coming? Actually I just read the post and starting laughing and's meant to read 'pear'. Still, it's such a riot I don't think I'll change it...just let people count their blessings they're not going to be at the luncheon!

humble.pie said...

this is a lovely post. Will refrain from teasing about the seemless part of life.

suspect that the tingling over this MS will vibrate from all readers as it journeys thru editorial & publication, onwards to the public next year.

Jeanine said...

Hi Louise,

I'm giggling here over your delimma with the ashes. We currently have the ashes of 3 beloved dogs and 2 beloved cats sitting in various bookshelves around the house in their little wooden boxes. Our plan, and I'm serious here, is to be cremated ourselves when the time comes and we have left instructions that all our ashes are to be mixed and then descretely scattered over our favorite waterfall. My husband's kids are horrified but mine have agreed to carry out our wishes.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Hum,

Yes, it is unseemly! thanks for refraining...

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jeanine,

How lovely - I completely understand. But at the rate you're going (and we're going) it might clog the river! But how beautiful.