Tuesday, 30 June 2009

creme brule, eh?

sunny, hot, temps 26

We're at Hovey Manor, on Lac Massawippi...the Inn that inspired the Manoir Bellechasse. Inspired, but wasn't a real model...since it's considerably less isolated than the manoir in The Murder Stone/A Rule Against Murder.

We arrived Sunday and have been having a wonderful, relaxed time. Pour buckets yesterday, but it was very peaceful. We sat on the wide porch with a pot of coffee and read all morning, then the rain let up just in time to have lunch on another porch, overlooking the lake...I had a warm duck panini and Michael had a lobster salad on baguette, ice tea...then we shared a creme brule.

Then, nap time, and dressed for dinner...by then it was raining heavily again. I had the seared scallops appetizer and duck breast main course, while Michael had fiddlehead soup (an astonishing colour!) and halibut. Then we both had a strawberry parfait.

Dear Lord.

Unbelieveably relaxing. Trying not to think of editing book 6, or launching The Brutal Telling...but I must admit, thoughts sneak in. Had a massage today and kept seeing scenes from book 6, as they might be improved. Oh well. I think that's just how it is. Lucky, I love my characters, so bringing them to Hovey is natural...especially the Gamaches.

Didn't ask for an upgrade, you'll be pleased to hear. And ended up with a lovely room. Hard to have a bad one here.

A couple of readers dropped by for coffee today...their dog, Missy, ate their library copy of Dead Cold and they wondered if maybe I could sign a new one for them, as a replacement. We had a great chat, then they left and I had the massage.

Be well...and be confident in the certainty there is more creme brule coming!


Mary L. said...

I enjoy your blog almost as much as your books, Louise. By coincidence, my neighbor, a professional food photographer and cookbook author, presented a photo today for her creme brulée doughnut. It looked interesting, but I think I prefer the classic creme brulée.

Martha said...

Wish this Georgia Girl was there! It's bloody hot here in GA. Also, creme brule is my favorite dessert. Have fun!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Mary,

A creme brulee doughnut...an embarrassment of riches! But, like you, I prefer the classic. And you'd think living in Quebec, (and ordering enough of them) I'd know how to spell it! Thanks for adding the necessary 'e'.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Georgia Girl,

when I read your delightful messages I hear the accent! And yes, I've been following the heatwave on TV - dreadful. More iced tea!