Friday, 3 July 2009

Editing away angst

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Started the first revision this morning...very scary. I'd made a lot of notes on scraps of paper and different little notebooks I carry, so the first thing I did was transfer them all to the main notebook I keep. I have one for each book.

Started at about 9am, and finished at 4 - no break for lunch, though made mysefl two huge cafe au laits (in the Vive Gamache mugs) and ate Social Teas. Yum. Very comforting.

The first part of the book is always the hardest, and longest, to edit because most of the work is there...the adjusting. Characters need to be taken out, who I realize later in the book aren't necessary and so 'disappear". Characters need to be put in earlier...some characters need to change their 'character'...and the themes become clearer as the book went on, so it needs to be edited with those themes in mind. In the case of book 6 (Bury Your Dead) one of the main themes is memory, history and time - and the roles they play in who we are and the choices we make.

I'd hoped to do at least 20 pages today, but only got 10 done. Still, it will pick up pace as the book goes on. I was very happy with what I'd written, and happier at the end of the day. The scenes were right, but needed tuning. And the fine-tuning can often take a while. I want to make sure everything is subtle...done with a light touch.

I realize one of the things the paralysed me, and kept me from writing the first book, was the certainty I had to get it right the first time. That was not only wrong, it was impossible...and if I had, it would have meant the book wasn't very deep. I suppose some people can get it right and don't need much editing...and still managed to be deep. I can't.

Thank God for editing!

Andre and Martine, our guests in the cottage, dropped by today. Such lovely people. They had birthday gifts for us...a beautiful Cross pen for me and a throw pillow and blanket for Michael with the Whitehead coat-of-arms. Absolutely gorgeous. And we were so moved by their thoughtfulness! So great to have them there.

Heading down to relax now. Getting less stressed about editing the book...always feel better when I get into action and out of anticipatory angst.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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