Saturday, 4 July 2009

Happy 4th of July

driving rain, very cool, temps 13

Happy Birthday US! Hope the weather has co-operated for you, your picnics and fireworks and all the celebrations.

I edited in front of the fire today! It's cold and wet here...blech. Still, while I'd rather have sunny and warm, I find the weather doesn't really affect me too badly. I suppose if the whole summer was like this, yes, but so far I haven't felt upset.

Editing going much better. Got to page 43 today, of a 268 page manuscript (single spaced) Hoping to be finished this draft by the time I leave for the lakefield literary festival in mid-July. but we'll see. So far I like what I'm reading, but it needs smoothing, shaving, some adding here and there. A lot of it is lightening the touch.

Had a terrific interview with Lynn Kaczmarek, one of the publishers of Mystery News magazine, last night. She also happens to be a personal friend. The interview is for the fall cover story, which is wonderful! And of course, since she knows me so well, she winkled out lots of stuff. Tattoo parlours, my days with the Hells Angels, that sex change...(kidding, Michael).

Joan dropped by for tea this afternoon...had a fun visit. And tomorrow Michael and I are having breakfast with Cheryl and Gary, to celebrate his 51st. We're practically twins...a fact that must delight Gary.

then Michael and I are off to Montreal. Hope to do some editing in the apartment tomorrow afternoon (while watching the golf), then have breakfast with a film maker interested in the books (he does lots of things for HBO), then a dentist appointment at 10:30. Then home to Sutton and more editing.

Life now is basically editing, and then whatever else there's time for! Once I get this first edit done life relaxes (presuming it's not total crap). Then I can really enjoy the next edit, which is really mostly a smoothing.

the main thing is making sure the structure works and the characters are full, complex, real. And consistent. Once that's done, the rest is shading, highlights, details. the fun stuff.

Take care - not sure I'll have time to blog tomorrow, but will try. Enjoy the weekend. Hope it doesn't snow here. Now that, I have to say, would be depressing.


Lee Ann said...

Here in the DC area, the weather cooperated, not too hot, not too cold, no rain: we had glorious fireworks in the suburb where my daughter and son-in-law live (I don't live in a town, just a zip code).

Films, eh? I'm just looking forward to getting to read the next book!

Lee Ann

Elizabeth said...

I love your running commentary about the writing process. You offer more helpful and encouraging advice than anyone else. Here in Ottawa the 4rth was also cold and wet--like an early fall day, but an excuse for lazy indoor activities. Went for a bike ride when things cleared up in the evening and passed by 1)a huge party at the U.S. Embassy residence, 2)former CBC correspondent David Halton out for a walk, and 3) Michael Ignatieff and his wife strolling through Rockcliffe (I just smiled and said "Good Evening").

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Lee Ann,

What fun it sounds. Yes, I doubt a film will ever be made, but fun to think about, and meet people from such a different walk of life. Hope you enjoy the next book!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Such exotic wild life in Ottawa! It must be quite exciting to bump into the leader of the opposition, strolling. When we were in Ottawa in June we had lunch with friends who described being in that same restaurant a week or so earlier and the Prime Minister arrived for lunch. No fanfare. Sat at a table with someone else and ate. Security was unobtrusive. How wonderful to live in a country where our leaders can still go for walks, and have lunches.