Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Pathetic Fallacy

sunny, rainy, cloudy, cool...where is summer??? temps 18

A mixed day, like the weather. Great day editing...and lots of other things getting done too. Long day. Started at 9am, and now 9pm and just finishing. But better than wondering what to do with my days! I dream of going on a cruise. The Queen Mary 2...through the Panama Canal. In the Queens Grills suites of course.

This would kill Michael. Not only the expense but being stuck on a boat for 2 weeks with nothing to do. He's not the ballroom dancing type. Actually, neither am I. And my fear with cruises is that we'll be stuck with a bunch of people who bore us to tears. I can smile and chat and pretend for a couple of nights, after that better wear your life vest.

But for me I love the thought of enforced relaxation. Nothing to do but eat, read, get sp treatments, watch the world go by.

We're actually considering a vacation this winter in Sanibel, Florida. But I suspect we'll stay home by the fire and relax. Not a bad option either! But I love to virtual vacations. In fact, I have a couple of scenes in Bury Your Dead where Clara, Myrna and Gabri are going on virtual vacations, but Peter can't quite let himself 'go'.

I think dreaming is a fine quality, and I plan to be doing it quite soon.

On the down side, found out a friend in Winnipeg has cancer...she'd been operated on 10 days ago and we were all awaiting the pathologists report. It came in yesterday and she wrote today. Ugh.

Was talking to someone else today who was also saying she has so many friends now with cancer. I feel at times like a soldier on a battlefield, seeing others hit, at random.

Got in touch with my friend, and she'll have chemo and radiation...and I'm sure by the time her hair grows bad the cancer won't.

But so hard for her. And for those who love her.


Tammy said...

So sorry to hear about your friend---sending good thoughts flying up.

On the positive side, vacation! Sanibel Island is my most favorite vacation spot, I wish I could go there every year but the other pods in my family group occasionally want to see more of the world so they limit my trips to this most beautiful little island!!

In fact, my last visit, there was a help wanted sign in the deli, for part time work, and I was figuring out in my head, how I COULD MAKE THAT WORK!! But alas, back to reality and the life I've grown accustomed to.

AND if you want to know anything about vacationing there, do ask!!

Tammy in MO

lil Gluckstern said...

Dreaming is critical. It soothes the pains of our lives-I'm so sorry about your friend-thinking good thoughts. You are so active; you would be climbing the rock wall on the cruise ship! Sounds like a dream to reward yourself and well you deserve it. My writing is losing its order; thank god for people like you who do it well. Read one of Linwood Barclays early books, and now I need a cruise. Boy, are you two different. Take care, and I hope Michael feels better. There are some nasty bugs out there!

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Tammy,

Actually, we could use your advice, not knowing Sanibel at all. We don't want anything too dense or touristy, but we do want to be able to walk to restaurants and cafes etc. Is there a part of the island particularly unspoiled or beautiful?? Anyone you know who rents their home on the beach??

Thanks for offering to help - and love your description of the 'other pods'.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lil,

Actually, I'm quite good at activity, when necessary...but only so that I can have times when I appear to be in a coma. LOVE those times. I'm more likely to be the gal snoozing under the buffet table. Perhaps that's why Michael doesn't want to go...hmmm.