Sunday, 19 July 2009


overcast, windy, temp 16

Back in Montreal now after a long and eventful couple of days. Got to Peterborough, which is about a 5 hour drive from Montreal after a very relaxing and leisurely drive. Stopped for breakfast at a place callThe Fifth Wheel, whioch is a truck stop. Michael and I love stopping there. Get breakfast, get gas, get back on the road. Michael stayed home this time to write his own fabulous book - so I just meandered along on my own. Weather was terrific.

What Michael, lovely man, did was made reservations for me to have two massages at thge Euphoria Spa in Pterborough, at 3 and 4 pm. I arrived just afternoon, did some shopping, got to the spa early, and ecided to have my hair it was a full body reconstruction day!


After the hair cut I had a Swedish massage, then a hot stone massage. Absolutely divine. And, I've been having, like most people myu age, some chronic lower back problems...nothing bad, just stiffness and a slight discomfort at times...but I haven't felt so good in a year! No pain at all now and this is almost a day later.

Of course, my wonderful new cut and style was compromised...well, not the cut but the style sure was. After the head massage with warm oil - I got back to the dressing rooms and I looked like Bozo the Clown. Or Gumby.

Got to the Mosses, had a wonderful evening chatting and laughing...and making notes for future books - always fun to hear other people talk and their experiences. And the Mosses are not only warm and kind, they're extremely accomplished.

Then, next morning, Saturday, it was off to the nearby village of Lakefield for the Literary Festival. My panel was at 2pm with two fabulous mystery writers...Andrew Pyper and Pat Capponi. The moderator (always a difficult and thankless task) was brilliantly performed by Betsy Struthers, a poet and crime writer.

After the panel and signing I hopped in the car, turned on the GPS, and skiddadled back to Montreal. Weather terrific for driving, but in the last two hours this massive, dramatic storm clouds loomed to the north, and I could see the sheets of hit the gas and tried to outrun it...and actually managed it! Felt like I was in an action flick, outrunning the enemy...notice my idea of action is running away!

I love driving on my own because I listen to music and let my mind a lot of daydreaming...think about the books, the characters...dream about the launch of The Brutal Telling, and how well it might do. That's the great delight of this stage in a book's's all potential. Anything can happen. So I might as well dream.

Got home about 9:30 last night and fell into Michael's arms, which smelled suspiciously of barbequed chicken. Well, not perhaps his arms, but certainly his fingers. Well, mine smelled of trail mix and chocolate, so together we're a perfect, if indulgent, meal.

Off for breakfast. Our friends aren't quite up to lunch today, but will try again later in the week. Perhaps just a short visit.

Be well.

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