Thursday, 30 July 2009

The scent of summer

sunny, hot, beautiful, temps 29

Glorious day - again. Nice breeze - a little humid but most hot days here in Quebec are. Did a couple loads of laundry and put the washing on the clothes line to dry. perfect weather for it. Nothing like the scent of line dried laundry.

Now there's a summer scent...

line dried laundry
fresh mowed grass
heat sizzling off asphalt
barbequed burgers

These things I have loved...

Lovely, quiet day. Nancy, our computer surgeon, came by at 10am to fix my wasn't receiving on my personal account. Now I need to get in touch with her again, because while it is now receiving, it isn't sending from that account.

Still, everything else is going along perfectly. Awaiting family visits this weekend. It's a long weekend for most of Canada, just not Quebec. Weather is supposed to be spectacular so it'll be reading and swimming and barbeques...and the Knowlton literary festival. Such fun to be in the audience, enjoying and not performing.

Be well...hope you've enjoyed your day.

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