Tuesday, 7 July 2009

fun chores

rainy, thunderstorms, sun - temps 20

Dear Lord, a month of weather in a day. Aren't we fortunate. One part of Quebec, the Saguenay, got 100 millimeters of rain in a day. Unbelievable.

Fun day - started early taking Michael to the walk-in clinic. Got there at 7:30...it opens at 8am. people had started lining up at 6:30 am! Fortunately we were only the 4th in line. By the time the nurse opened the doors there were about 15 of us. But apparently yesterday, after a long weekend, there were tons of people. They only let the first 20 people in. Last time we went we lined up, but then when the nurse opened the door there was a crush and people who'd just arrived pushed to the front.

Very upsetting.

this time we made a pact not to allow that to happen. Once again, some people tried, but we maintained order. funny how quickly a situation, even one as begnine as this, can become, "we" and 'they".

Doc examined Michael and gave him penicillin. Then we were off to the pharmacy to fill it, then breakfast...cafe au laits, scrambled eggs and toast. then met Kirk, who drove us to Granby to look at wallpaper and fabric for the new apartment.

Took us about 30 minutes to decide. We're quite decisive and Kirk had chosen some wonderful combinations, so we really couldn't go wrong. And Michael, being an artist, has a marvelous eye.

Then out to lunch with Kirk in Bromont. Sat outside and in the course of lunch it was cloudy, rainy and sunny.

No hail.

Then picked up Trudy at Pat's and home...don't think I'll edit book 6 today. Getting late and I need to do a few things...some letters to get out etc. But, oh bliss, I have a week with nothing to do but edit!!!! Cannot tell you how wonderful that feels...no committments at all! Not a breakfast, lunch, dinner, phone call, coffee, anything!! Just lock the door, hunker down, froth up some cafe au laits and have at Bury Your Dead.

Be well, and thank you for all your wonderfully kind words about Michael and his writing. We are very excited.

And we'll see about the made-for-TV films. I have some hope...but we'll see. Will be fun to see who would play Gamache.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Pamela said...

'Casting' characters from books or history is a blast. Have had some great times doing this (then again, have always seemed to be in the pub at the time). Anyway, I'm sure you'll find it interesting to see how your vision of Gamache differs from your readers. For me, he has always been a bit Christopher Plummer-ish. Don't know why. Think it might have something to do with his hair(?) So, find an available toupé and you're half way there.

Kaye Barley said...

SO glad Michael is feeling better!!

Bobbie said...

Louise and Michael,
First of all, get well, Michael! Please? Thank you. :-)

Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHAEL!!! Yes, am shouting! Yay, hooray, go for it! How wonderful for you! And for the two writers living in your household. :-)

Louise, terrific mind photo of the clinic visit and pact not to let the crowders win. :-) You have such a way with words...and with actions. :-) Also, sounds like your new place is getting perked up and beautiful, congrats on that.

I am not one of those who enjoys thinking about my book characters in film...have always been very highly disappointed if I see them on film with only one or two exceptions and even then....also I have never had that 'who could play this part in film' gene as so many others do--and certainly not trying to put others down by saying that, it just isn't my taste. And I sometimes avoid movies if it's a favourite book. Always come out feeling that 'it's not the book' which had allowed my own mind see what they look like to me. :-) All that blather said, now on to my point, finally. Louise, I am so happy for you to have met with someone you respect, to do the Gamache books! And maybe it will come to pass! You sound hopeful, so that makes me hopeful. And since others will say who should be the actor, I will too...may Gamache be a real Canadien!!! He is truly sooooo much of the area and of Canada itself, and hopefully there is an actor there who can be found to act him. And not only him, others too....they are so much a part of the area, the area is a character in these books for me. I know others, esp those putting forth the money, want big names to draw more viewers....and I respect that too...but oh to have Three Pines and Gamache done by people who know something about Canada, and are from Canada...wouldn't that be bliss. Okay, enough preaching. :-) Back to you others, and thanks for letting a minority from the hot cornfields of Illinois give an opinion about films of books.

Best wishes to you both Louise and Michael, and thanks for your blog. What a wonder to know things that go on in a favourite author's life. And her husband the author, also! :-)


lil Gluckstern said...

Yay for Michael, and I hope he feels better. It is interesting to read about medical care in Canada, given the mess we have here. I hope you enjoy your week. I think sometimes those are the best times, quiet taking care of business days, to balance those wonderful busy times and great travel. Did that make sense? Anyway, I'd love to see films made from Three Pines, but I agree that the makers should be sensitive to your style and the landscape-good luck!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Sorry to 'mass' reply but it's 9pm and just finishing work. Thank you so much for the kind thoughts about Michael...he reports he's feeling better. Bronchitis. Will keep you updated. He's settling down from being totally freaked out about the NYC agent. Now the work begins!

and love your thoughts about the books as films. Such a long way off, but fun to dream. I see Gamache as a type more than an actual actor right now. Like Ben Cartwright and Walter Cronkite, and in Canada there's a General, Romeo Dallaire, who wrote a stunning book called, Shake Hands with the Devil. There's alot of Gamache about him...though not necessarily physically.

It will be hard to cast! I might have to play him myself. Just stop plucking the moustache.