Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Canadian launch for The Brutal Telling

mainly sunny, very hot and humid temps 31

Now, this is a Quebec summer day in July. We're meeeelting. But what bliss for us. We worked, then took dips in the pool, then worked, and swam. Wonderful.

Had a terrific breakfast in Knowlton with Danny and Lucy. We decided that the local, and Canadian, launch of THE BRUTAL TELLING would be an event. Like last time when we held High Tea at Hovey Manor.

For THE BRUTAL TELLING we're doing a brunch in Knowlton on Sunday, October 4th. Not sure what hotel will host, probably the Lakeview. Danny and Lucy will be selling tickets that will cover the brunch, plus a small donation to the Yamaska Literacy Council, which tutors and works to teach local men and women how to read and write. I'm thrilled we're raising money for them. We'll also have draws for signed books, and a special, limited edition, Vive Gamache cafe au lait mug.

We'd LOVE to see you there. If you're interested call Danny and Lucy at their bookshop (Brome Lake Books) - 450-242-2242. I know for sure they haven't set a price for the brunch, but if you'd like to reserve a few places you might want to call early. If last year's launch is any indication, we'll sell out quite fast, though I think we can go up to 150 places.

Will let you know as it gets closer. It's also a fun excuse for a weekend in the Eastern Townships!

And, there's a great literary festival happening in Knowlton this weekend, called Letters from Knowlton. And among the guests will be Noah Richler, Neil Smith and Heather O'Neill. Michael and I are going to hear Neil - who wrote Bang Crunch and Heather - who wrote Lullabye for Little Criminals - on Saturday afternoon at 1pm...such a fan of their books. If you're interested you can ask Danny and Lucy about tickets too.

Feels like lots of business today! But a great day. Off to see our neighbors for cocktails, then home for a quiet evening...Thunderstorm warning out - not sure if we should take the car. Feels ridiculous to do the car from so close, but better than dodging a downpour and lightning.

Speak tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Sounds so wonderful. Would love to be there if not half a world away.

Look forward to The Brutal Telling getting to Singapore!

Have a great launch!!

Clara Castelar said...

Hi Louise,
I thought I'd let you know that I posted your interview on a second blog,
Your book launch sound wonderful. The Vive Gamache cafe au lait mug is a touch of genius. I really wish I lived closer to Canada in order to attend the happy event.

I am busy with new interviews. Jason Goodwin, Judy Schanacher and Ayelet Waldman, cellist and composer Claudio Jaffe, who used to live in Canada, are next. All very exciting.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Ovidia,

I wish you lived closer too! Brilliant woman. (Ovidia is one of the premier playwrights in Singapore). Let me know what you think when you read it...Thanks for writing.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Clara,

Thanks for posting it at a second site! Wonderful. And congratulations on the other're on a roll.

Perhaps one day we'll meet, and I have quite a few US tour dates. We're just pinning some down still.

Pierre said...

I can't believe that I am going to miss the event. I am visiting Disney in Florida. What a bad luck to have the launch right on the "wrong" week (for me, of course). I am sure that it will be agreat success. I am going to have to find another way to have my book signed!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Pierre,

But how lucky you are - Disney will be huge fun and I'm certain I'll get a chance to sign your book sometime this fall.