Friday, 17 July 2009

an early start

dark...not sure what the temp is...

Well, it's 4:30 am...about to head out to Peterborough, Ontario and the Lakefield festival...which is tomorrow. Was planning to leave mid-morning but then remembered this weekend is the start of the annual two week 'construction holiday' in Quebec...and is a terror on the roads. So thought i'd get a ridiculously early start, beat the traffic and stop along the way. Can also talk my time.

Am staying with John and Bev Moss in Peterborough, who has kindly opened their home to me...he's a terrific mystery/crime/thriller writer. Will arrive in time for dinner. Then hoping to get an early bedtime.

There's a lunch at the literary festival, then the panel at 2pm...then will head back to Montreal, arriving about 9pm Saturday.

Back to Sutton, Sunday...though hoping to have luynch with friends on Sunday. She's just been through a grueling treatment of chemo and radiation, so some days are good for her and some days she's just too tired. But it would be lovely to see them in Knowlton Sunday.

Then start the second edit on Bury Your DEad (book 6). I think we have a quiet week coming up. Hope so.

Will try to blog Sunday with an update!

Have had a great 2 days in Montreal. Met Hannah Sung, of CBC radio's Canada REads book Club for a series of written and video interviews. They're doing THE MURDER STONE( AKA A RULE AGAINST MURDER) for their August can join by going to the CBC website.

Take care, will report in from the literary road!

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