Tuesday, 14 July 2009

bit and pieces

overcast, rain, blech temps 18

Another fire in the grate. Cafe au lait. Writing synopsis and replying to email. And now need to hop in the car and do some mailing. bit and pieces. Just got off the phone with the redoubtable Teresa, my agent. Fun, long call. Just catching up and discussing the launch of THE BRUTAL TELLING.

A woman named Clara wrote a few days ago asking if I'd do an interview on her blog. I agreed and she just wrote this morning to say it's up. If you're interested you can go to:


Did the torture machine (elliptical) this morning...ten minutes...much a full blast. Then collapse. Not sure it's the best way to exercise, but oddly I feel better for is..though not during it.

Must run...mailing, then back home for lunch, and packing for Montreal and Lakefield.

Be well.


Lee Ann said...

I never feel great during my run (I try to go 3x per week, slowly and not too far), but I always feel virtuous afterwards. Keep exercising!

Such a good thing that you still liked the book at the end!

Lee Ann

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lee Ann,

I am full of admiration that you actually go out into the wild and run! Quite right about the virtuous part. Thank God for that.