Monday, 6 July 2009

Michael - ready for his close-up!!

mainly sunny, some cloudy periods and spitting rain, temps 18

still cooler than normal, but quite a nice day. I think the bar is now set pretty low. No hail? Then it's a great day.

fun, but hectic, days. Just back from Montreal...had breakfast yesterday in Sutton with Gary and Cheryl - it was Gary's birthday. Then headed to the city...

But the big news yesterday was the Michael (who is writing a narrative non-fiction book about two scientists and their fight to find a cure for a terrible childhood cancer) had sent out a query letter to the top New York literary agent for this non-fiction. Hadn't heard for weeks and weeks and decided she wasn't interested...then got an email yesterday - the sunday of the 4th of July long weekend, to say she was interested!!!!

Did you hear our shrieks??? Unbelievelably exciting!!!

He has to put together a proposal...and polish it...but he worked on that until 10pm, while I edited book 6. Such fun to work side by side on our books!

then this morning we went to Nick's on Greene Ave in Montreal to meet a film director for coffee. Won't give you his name, but he's won an Emmy for an HBO film and he's directed all sorts of terrific films. We've turned down a lot of offers, since I'm not interested in doing anything cheap...and I'm not interested in selling the rights to the characters. The project has to be very specific.

And this man is wonderful. Love his work. It's quality. And he clearly understands the books. His thought is to make the first 4 into films, for TV. Now, I realize this almost certainly will never happen. Not because he's insincere or I am, but just because so many things can go wrong...there are so many many stars need to align.

But it's wonderful to meet a prominent director who is passionate about the books.

So it was an exciting weekend. Celebrated a friend's birthday. Michael heard from the top New York agent and we met to discuss films of my books. What can we do for an encore???

Came home, had lunch in Knowlton, said Hi to Danny in the bookstore, and arrived back with a couple of hours to edit, on the screen porch, looking into the sunny day.

How fun is that? And so wonderful to see the glee in Michael. And to have him reap the rewards after he's supported me for so long!!

But, his cough is continuing and is a little chesty, so we're off to the medical clinic at 7:30 tomorrow morning, then meeting Kirk and Jane to discuss decorating the city apartment. They have thoughts. We have the cheque book.

Be well...will keep you updated.


Jeanine said...

Oh, Louise and Michael ... I am so excited by all your news. Michael's book ... the discussions with the film director ... wonderful! Am anxious to hear about Michael's visit with the doctor. Please keep us posted.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jeanine,

You're so kind! Thank you. The visit went well - nothing serious. He's on a course of penicillin now...

Thank you for asking.

Rebecca Rose said...

Dear Louise,
Best wishes to you and Michael in all your future endeavors. So exciting, and thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are an inspiration.

Rebecca Rose