Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Frost and Fear

sunny, cold, windy, highs 7

Hard frost last night. Had to turn the car on a let the windshied de-frost. I don't think the garden has been hurt - and thank heavens I shifted my you-know-what and brought the annuals in. They're safe.

It's reeeally cold today! I'm wearing a coat and hat outside, but I think I need gloves too.

Had a 2 1/3 hour breakfast with Cheryl at Le Cafetier on rue Principale in Sutton. Wonderful. We talked mostly about fear. Hers, mine, fears most of us have. Big, slimy, screaming, violent fears.

It's like admitting to some horrible disease, so what a gift to have a friend to talk to about these things - and to have her say, 'You too? I thought I was the only one.' Michael says part of his problem, and most people's problem, is we compare our raw, ground up meat to someone else's filet. Everyone else seems so much more together. But then, on the outside, so do we.

We're packing for the trip today so the washer and dryer are in full flight.

Off to Ottawa tomorrow night - anyone in the area is welcome to come to the event - it should be great! It's put on by the Crime Writers of Canada and will be tomorrow night at 7pm at the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 120 Metcalfe Street. Two of my favorite crime writers will also be there - Barbara Fradkin and Robin Harlick. The other writers on the panel will be: Adrian de Koog, JD Carpenter and Suzanne Kingsmill.

Love to see you there. We're driving up from here - about a 3 hour drive, then back to Montreal after the event. In bed by midnight, I hope.

Hope you're well and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

Ah, if only I had known ahead of time that the event tonight was open to the public! Unfortunately, I am now booked for something else, not nearly as fun. Hope you enjoy yourself at the main branch--I'm afraid it's rather seedy. Sometime in the 1970's the graceful old building was replaced with a cement structure complete with orange decor. Never mind, the weather here is gorgeous and you're here for the company, not the architecture. Try to eat at "Domus" in the market--the menu could easily be featured in one of your books.

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Elizabeth,

Sorry - I should have mentioned it soon. Not very good at promotion, I'm afraid. And sorry not to meet you.

Missed Domus, but did a Parliamentry Tour, as you'll see in Friday's blog. Ugh.