Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A real lift

Sunny, very warm, highs 22

Hi there...as you can see I've FINALLY figured out how to put up a picture. A few months ago a kind reader gave me instructions, which I forgot. But now, voila, here is a pciture I took this morning. It's from the bench. This is where I stand each morning and think of how lucky I am, and say my thanks. And this is where Michael and I sit every day when we walk Maggie and Trudy. There's the pond in the foreground and our home in the distance.

Poor Trudy. She's still at the vet. Was operated on this morning to be fixed but she was so close to her 'heat' the vet needed to put in extra stitches and wants to keep her overnight to make sure she's ok. He says she's fine. She's very healthy. I'll put up a picture of her on our dock tomorrow.

Getting dressed this morning I was again reminded how great our trip to Boston was. One of the highlights, and I'm not being fascetious, was buying reeeally good bras from a place in the Copley Square, called Intimates. The owner was the one on Oprah. Well, they set me up with a couple of great ones. What a difference it makes! That bulge I'd been worrying about around my mid-section, and was dieting to get rid of? Turns out those were my breasts. Now, my pants fit a whole lot better, as do my bras, though I do feel a bit like a Trojan each morning, anticipating battle.

Had a great day today. Every Tuesday we go to a place called The Station in Cowansville for breakfast, which we did this morning. Then we ran around doing chores. Made an appointment for this afternoon to take Michael's car to Denis to change the winter tires.

I took about 100 pages of the US proofs for A RULE AGAINST MURDER to the station to pass the time. Sat in Denis's service station sniffing gasoline and doing the edits while he changed the tires. Really, between the gasoline, which destroys brain cells, and the edit proofs which are soul destroying it's amazing I didn't evaporate completely, leaving behind just a really fabulous underwire bra.

Proofs are a very interesting part of the process. They come after the editors and the writer have done all the actual 'content' editing, and are meant (from what I understand) to be mostly grammatical, factual, sometimes to do with continuity (if a character is wearing red on one page they should still be in red on the next - that sort of thing.)

Very useful, very necessary - very upsetting. As a writer it reads like a dense, endless complaint. And turns a book I adored into what seems like crap. I love the editing process - discussing character, themes, continuity, plot - really hashing it out with these brilliant editors I have in New York and London. But this just seems picky. And no one else can go through it, except me. Can't delegate, though I'd have been happy to give it to Denis and have a go at the tires.

Still, at one point as Denis's compressor was shrieking I looked up from A RULE AGAINST MURDER and thought how perfect my life really is. Flawed, clearly. Too many comma's, it seems and not enough semi-colons. But pretty damn good.

As you can see by the picture. To live in that place, with a man I not only love but respect, with friends and family, writing my fifth book and editing my fourth. My great good fortune follows me, even into the gas station.

Denis changed all the tires and charged me 15 dollars. Can you believe it? Perhaps crass to mention money, and breasts, in the same post - but can't help but think Denis is just a nice man. And that's one way he shows it.

I'm off - will pick up Trudy as early as we can tomorrow morning, then back to Three Pines and book 5. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves.


Ovidia said...

Hi Louise, had a great laugh at the physical uplifts! So looking forward to your new book though having discovered your blog, the waiting is easier. Yes (sorry I tried to answer earlier but kept getting rejected by the site) we met in Singapore--but I already loved your books before then! Ovidia

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Ovidia,

How wonderful to hear from you - a lovely woman, and a brilliant writer! Will always remember the hilarious, scrumptious breakfast with you and KK Seet and that amazing buffet (a character unto itself).

When book 4 comes out we can talk about maybe adapting it for the stage. Not really sure, now, that it will work as a play, but I'd love your thoughts.

Such fun to be in touch, Ovidia. And congratulations on your award for the Best Play in Singapore.