Saturday, 17 May 2008

Co-incidence? I think not

sunny, warm, highs 25

Unexpected - a gift of a day. It was supposed to be rainy and cool and instead it was sunny - without a cloud - and not just warm but hot.

Michael, Susan and I headed into Sutton and were at the market before 9am. it was already crowded. Besides the normal market vendors the local school had tables and various groups were selling goods too.

We went straight to the baking table. Bought a lemon meringue pie, a rhubarb upside-down cake, a lemon loaf. Susan bought a bag of home-made doughnuts and pan of cinnamon buns. Then it was over to the flowers. Ooops, I knew there was something I forgot to tell Lise. I bought 3 flats of annuals, including butter-yellow snapdragons.

There's a huge amount of junk at the market - and we examined and considered each and every piece - then bought lots, including a vase and six glasses. You know the kind we used to get peanut butter and jelly in? With black and red hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades? Well, we now own a bunch.

That reminds me - we went to the Knowlton Antiques show last night. packed - hot - and loads of fun. Met people I only see once or twice a year. In the car home I was saying how wonderful it is to be in a group of 200 people and be happy to see everyone. Not a single person I was trying to avoid, or wished wasn't there (or anywhere). Bought a very nice glass vase.

Oh - one other buy at the market - one of my own books!!! In a pile of second-hand books which we always pour over. I bought it.

The mayor couldn't come, but his very nice assistant did - Richard Godin. He still didn't tell us what the mayor of Sutton wants. But Monsieur Godin is the brother-in-law of a prominent Quebec publisher, so in our talks he said he thought the brother in law should publish my books in French.

I've found it quite baffling that my books are translated into (among other languages) German, Russian, Japanese - but not French!

So I gave Monsieur Godin the book I'd just picked up at the market. Now isn't that a co-incidence? Had I not seen it, or bought it, I wouldn't have had a book to give him. Love when things like that happen in life.

Wrote for a couple of hours this afternoon then met friends for a coffee at Le Cafetier on rue Principale. Then off to see more friends - and home now.

tomorrow, brunch with Cotton and Susan (Susan's cooking - two days ago I fed Michael, by mistake, a slab of butter and a piece of paper.)

Then more writing. Enjoying this section a lot.

Off to take the US proofs to bed. I tell you, this proof editor is driving me nuts! She's putting semicolons in dialogue, adding exclamation marks (I never put in exclamation marks - it's very lazy) and italicizing words in the middle of sentences to add emphisis, as though you're really too thick to know what's important yourselves. Ugh. Oh well, I'm nearing the end. And Hope - my real editor at Minotaur - has given me an extra week to finish and has promised this proof editor won't be allowed anywhere near another of my books. I really, really appreciate support like that. She's great.

Off to bed.

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