Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Busy Bees

Sunny, warm, highs 21

Wow - a beautiful day! Sat outside having a cafe au lait with Cheryl in the village. We sat under a cherry tree just about to bloom. Splendid. She showed me the watercolours for her latest children's book. She's a remarkable artist and she has a series of picture books for children - Dragon Dreams is out now, the second Mother's Dreams is at the publisher and she's working on Mermaid's Dreams. One illustration was so amazing it almost made me cry.

Went across the border for gas again - and to Cowansville for breakfast with Michael. Left the Volvo at the station to have its winter tires taken off (we feel it's safe now) and the all season's put on.

Came back to find Tony had put the barbeque and garden furniture out, and the Adirondack chairs around the pond. And the bench I gave Michael last year for his birthday is out. We immediately walked the dogs and sat there, chatting, in the sun.

After having coffee with Cheryl I did some grocery shopping, (including steaks for the BBQ!) and picked some stuff up at the new hardware store, then noticed the ice cream 'cabin' was open on Main Street for the first time - so went over and got Michael and softie chocolate cone. He was at work. By the time he'd finished it there was chocolate all over his gray beard. He looked like the happiest kid in town.

Received quite a funny email from Lise a couple of days ago under the heading "pear" - which of course I took personally. Actually, what she and Delmar meant was that our pear trees were about to flower and the bees cycle had been disrupted by the warmth, then a killing frost...so when the trees bloomed the bees might not be there to pollinate them. So, Lise asked, could we?


She suggested finding a feather from one of the geese and rubbing it on all the flowers, thereby spreading the pollen. I asked if we had to be naked, and apparently not.

So yesterday afternoon I checked and the buds had popped. I found a feather and made like a bee. Happily as I was busy pollenating I noticed 'another' bee buzzing around. A real one! But I kept at it anyway, just in case. So we should have a great crop of pears this fall.

With our very first advance cheque for STILL LIFE Michael and I wanted to do something special. We thought about it and decided to give 25 percent away - and spend the rest on planting an orchard. So every year now we walk through the STILL LIFE orchard, and see the changes. And marvel. And each autumn we harvest our good fortune, and eat it!

Can't find the propane tank for the BBQ - must call Tony. Poor guy must think we're morons. Actually...

Speak to you tomorrow. Be well.


Anonymous said...

LOL Loved your asking whether you had to be naked to pollinate pear trees!!!

& love the idea of a STILL LIFE orchard too--

Would you ever consider collecting these writings in print form? (No need to put in any mysterious deaths) Reading these entries from so far away is like reading the Journals of Dorathy Wordsworth--daily life & activities made precious.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Ovidia,

Now, I might be wrong, but is this THE Ovidia? The playwright? the one KK adores and so do I? The one who just won the major award in Singapore?

If not, forgive me - and either way - thank you for the comment. I often wonder if anyone is really reading the blog, then I realize that I just enjoy writing it. I've never kept a diary and so it's wonderful for me to be able to look back on what I suspect is an extraordinary period in my life.

Thank you, Ovidia.