Friday, 2 May 2008


sunny, warm, highs 16

What a glorious day! spent the morning writing - a little scary getting back into the story, but once in it seemed to go well. All these red herrings and misdirections and suspects floating around - at this stage I need to be tying them up and resolving things, which I am, but I keep remembering things that need resolving! I should probably write them all down. And of course emotionally things are coming to a head for many of the characters. At this stage it's more an issue of structure and pacing than plot and character.

Trying to keep the critic out of the room - but she's wily, and strong and cunning. Happily, so am I.

The contest to win a signed copy of Julia Spencer Fleming's new book I SHALL NOT WANT is a huge success...almost too much! I'm overwhelmed with replies. Since I like to write back to everyone this might take a while. if you wrote - thank you SO much...the letters are wonderful!!! but please be patient. I definitely will respond.

Walked around the pond with the puppies this morning. Heaven. I stop at the far side and say a little prayer, and feel myself surrounded by light and love. It's a very peaceful moment in my life.

For some reason this morning there was only one goose, and a lone duck. I'm hoping they're both young and haven't yet found mates. I'm also hoping they don't mate...

Went to the feed store Edwards this afternoon for dog food, then into sutton for groceries...walked right by the gummy bears. Now I regret doing that!

Spoke to Gary and Cheryl. Gary did an amazing job on our ceiling. He was putting in a support beam while we were in London. When we got back the otehr day we ran in, at midnight, to look. Nothing. Furniture exactly where we left it - no beam in the ceiling. Clearly Gary had spent three weeks watching the sports network in flat-screen high definition on our bed. But, that wasn't right since there were no crumbs. Finally we saw some tiny marks on the living room ceiling...Gary had managed to bury the support beam. Though, when I called this afternoon he did say he'd just sprinkled some plaster around, re-arranged the furniture slightly and scratched the ceiling. We'll get the bill in a few days. We'll pay it, as we always do, with dog poop.

Having lunch next week with Cheryl. So looking forward to it.

Must run - have a couple hundred emails to respond to. Hope you're enjoying the spring. Be well.

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