Monday, 19 May 2008

The End - almost - really

rainy, snow (!), cold, temps 3

Can you believe the rain turned to snow this afternoon? I was stunned - though you'd think I'd be used to it by now. such an odd, unsettled, season.

Spent most of the day writing. Enjoying this section. I can see the end now. Is this beginning to sound familiar? When I first finished STILL LIFE I announced to Michael that I'd written, 'The End', and he took me off to Hovey manor for the night to celebrate. Then six months later I told him I'd finished the edit - this time I was REALLY finished. He took me to dinner to celebrate. About 4 months later, again, the big announcement...the polishing was finished - this time for sure! He bought me flowers.

After a while he's stopped responding altogether. Funny, that.

Still, I have to say, that finished the first draft is the biggest thing. When I write the first words (back in january or february) and am counting every, single, word it seems inconceivable I'd ever write 'The End'. But now I can see the end.

Just don't tell Michael - he won't believe you.

The Mayor called today...I'd been told he wanted to ask me something. I began to suspect it was to play a role in the upcoming celebrations of Townshippers Day, which is being held in Sutton this year, on September 20th. I'd already had to turn it down since I'll be away - but I guess no one told the he asked again if I'd be the Honourary President, and again I had to say no thank you. I felt horrible. I love this community, as you probably can guess. And this really is a huge honour. But we'll be away - actually at a family reunion.

Hope my brothers appreciate this! Don't brothers always?

Maggie and Trudy are off to be groomed first thing tomorrow morning. Trudy's operation wound is almost healed...fantastic. We're off for our Cowansville breakfast and chores. Was trying to arrange a coffee tomorrow afternoon with Joan rose and Michele Brault, but it doesn't seem possible. Might get more writing in.

and will finally mail off the proof edits to New York - and do a ritual cleansing of the house.

Be well - I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Hilary said...

Dear Louise,
It's the curse of the unending ending. Only the writer can appreciate the milestones along the way. The first draft. The rewrite. The polishing. Finishing any of the above is a reason for celebration. A month ago I told a friend I had finished my first full draft. Today I told the same friend I would finish the polishing by the end of the week.
"The second book?" he asked. No, still the same damn one, okay? It makes you feel as if the achievement is less than it is. It's like expecting a pregnant woman to give birth to a mature adult, already enrolled at Harvard.
Books, like babies, take nurturing.

Elizabeth said...

It's not just novelists who suffer from the never-ending problem. My husband has been "finishing" the same document (for publication in a scholarly journal) for months. I confess that I too ignore statements such as, "I'll be done with it this afternoon" and even, "I finished it last night". At some point I will be asked to edit and/or proofread the document in question, but even then I have learned, it's not over. Sigh!
On another topic, why can't I easily find Sujata Massey's mysteries here in Ottawa? she is one of my favourite writers. Is this just a local thing, or is she not well known in Canada? I would have thought that with her multicultural themes, she would have a natural audience here. I guess I'll have to mail order.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Hilary and Elizabeth,

You've made me laugh - and feel in very good company. I know Michael feels better! Will keep telling you that I'm finished then - if you promise to ignore it.

You know, Elizabeth, I'm not familiar with Sujata's books, though I did meet her at Malice domestic. I ask that very question of a lot of great writers - especially mystery writers. I think Julia spencer-Fleming should be published around the world - and I expect one day she will be. But what seems obvious to me is opaque at best to others.

Thanks for the empathy, and the laughs -