Sunday, 11 May 2008

My Mother the Car

Sunny, warm, temps 18

We're home! Drive was very easy and enjoyable. Almost no one on the roads, the Franconia Notch State Park is breath-taking, and for once no torrential rains for the trip. And - Michael got the SatNav working. This very calm, soothing voice told us where to go. Gave us plenty of warning. Was very polite. For a while there I wondered if I wasn't developing a little crush on her, then I analysed my feelings more closely and realized it was much more intimate than that.

I want the soothing car voice as a mother.

The loving mother who gently directs us. Is forgiving when we make mistakes or strike out on our own. 'Please re-adjust your course.' 'Please, make a legal u-turn as soon as you can.'

No raised voice, no power struggles, no 'Wait 'til your father hears about that right turn you made, young lady.'

She's very clear, but flexible. Mom. Just in time for Mother's day. I bought her a nice tank of gas.

It's a drop-dead gorgeous day. Picked up the puppies from Pat. We walked around the pond as soon as we got home. Tons of bass. Two ducks arrived with a splash as we sat on the wooden bench. Trudy still hasn't figured out she's a water dog. Maggie made straight for the island and jumped in.

Place smells nicely of fresh cut flowers and wet dog.

Asparagus almost ready to eat. Barbeque on and ready for the steak. Just finished watching the Players. Was rooting for Goydos (?) - but he lost to Garcia in a playoff hole. Very exciting.

Back to writing tomorrow. Nearing the end - still. I'm at that stage where I've lived with this book, thought about it, made notes, dreamed up the new characters until they spoke and walked around in my head and finally started writing it for almost a year now. I'd like it to be over. And yet, I must say I'm LOVING this book. Had an idea in the shower for how to expose a clue - now can hardly wait to write it. Thrilling when that happens.

Elizabeth in Ottawa wrote, and one of her questions had to do with the fate of young people in my book (not good) - and wondered why that was. She asked if maybe in the blog I could talk about that. And I will - tomorrow. Unless I forget. Don't mean to, but sometimes things just slip right out of the head.

Off to watch Michael BBQ. And offer tips. He loves it when I do that....

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