Friday, 9 May 2008

A good spanking - then we go home

overcast, mild, temps 65

Heading down to breakfast - had a GREAT dinner last night. Within easy walk of the hotel. past quite a seedy bar. As we walked by an older woman came out and said to the bouncer, 'Daddy spanked me and now it's time to go home.'


Just wanted to let you know about today's events, if you're in the Boston area.

I have a stock signings at Porter Square Books - 25 White Street in Porter Square - at 5pm. This is VERY informal and is mostly me just signing the books the store has on hand. Not really a formal 'public' event - but the public is welcome and I'd love to see you.

The actual event is at 7pm at Harvard Coop (now a Barnes and Noble). I want to call it Hardvard Co op, but people seem to call it Coop, as in chicken. It's in Harvard Square and I'll be giving a talk about the books, and doing a signing.

I'd love to see you there, if you can make it!

Michael and I think we'll do a bus tour of Boston - one of those 'jump on and off' tours. While we've been to the city before it was always on someone else's agenda so it's beyond delightful to discover 'our' Boston and how much we enjoy it.

See you later today, if you can make it - and might even blog later - but I did want to get out the info on the events since quite a few people were asking and I realized I'd been vague, which apparently isn't good with public events.

Speak soon...

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