Thursday, 8 May 2008

Not ready for my close-up or 'Interview of the living dead"

mainly sunny, warm, highs 73

We're in Boston! Short post today since we just had a nap and heading off for 7pm reservations for dinner at Legal Seafood on Stuart. Love Boston! Drive very easy. Got up at 4am, left at 5. Split drive with Michael, though he did the worst part and probably the longest, including entering the city.

We stopped off the 91 at a placed called Wells Something (something is mine, not the town name - wells river? lake?) at a truck stop for breakfast. Everyone, including the border guard recommended it. P&H truck stop - or something. Had the BEST Western omelette with cinnamon raisin toast. Almost bought a home and moved in.

Arrived in time for 1pm TV interview - which was fun. BATV turns out to stand for Brookline Access TV - local cable. In an old school. No camera person, a florescent light kept going off and on during the taping. No make-up person and I had the biggest blemish on my forehead so that I looked as though I'd been shot. The poor host, Diane, was totally relaxed and professional. And - miracle of unexpected miracles - she's read the book! And we had 30 minutes. Wow. riches.

It was such fun...God knows what it'll look like. Then, in cab back, all we heard was French. He was from Haiti and had a local haitian station (a rhyme) on the radio. Come all the way to Boston and first thing we hear practically is French.

Must be off - Legal seafood awaits! speak tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yup, you found the P & H Truck Stop in Wells River, only about 25 miles from my town, and people here drive there for breakfast, even with $3.60 gas prices. Glad you liked it - when my neighbors returned from Virginia last week, I brought them the traditional welcome home gift - a pecan pie and a loaf of P & H bread for morning toast, as I figured after driving from Virginia they probably didn't want to drive out for breakfast toast!
phil g-m

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Phil,

I thought about you as we sailed by Danville. How kind you are with your neighbors. A baked goods welcome home is the BEST. And P&H is definitely worth the trip! What a find.

Great to hear from you,