Monday, 5 May 2008

Pastries, peepers and the Burnham Library

Sunny, warm, beautiful day, temps 17

What a splendid day! Took the dogs over to the guest cottage pond. Remembered my rubber boots - but that didn't stop the dogs from getting all 97 paws filthy - right up to their stomachs. Mud everywhere.

We stood on the dock and the dogs ran around the pond, looking for frogs. That got the mud off them. The weeping willow, which two years ago seemed infested with something and likely to die - which we washed down and looked after one weeping branch at a time - is now huge. Thriving. I can't quite believe it!

A piece of siding has been torn off the guest cottage. Must get Gary up from the basement to see about that if he doesn't mind.

I get so many compliments about the publicity photo of me out by our pond and that's only because of Gary. He's not only a great contractor, his first job was as a commercial photographer, with huge accounts, like Loblaws. So I AM just another piece of meat. Fine by me, as long as the photos keep looking good. I think the trick is I'm so relaxed around Gary. Like having one of my brothers taking the photo - if my brothers knew anything about photography.

Had a wonderful time in Colchester Vermont at the Burnham Library. It was drizzling, so really a very good day to go for a little drive and talk to friendly people. It took about 1 1/2 hrs to get there. Driving there is always a little stressful - especially since we decided Michael should stay home with the dogs.

But it turned out to be very easy - a really relaxing and pleasant drive. Gave me a chance to clear my head and listen to music. I really enjoy driving. good thing since we're driving to Boston on Thursday.

the Burnham Library event was just a joy. Marty, the head librarian who organized it, had refreshments, and books for sale and it was all very 'together' which I appreciate. Makes life calm.

Lots of people out - very welcoming and happy. I'm always so grateful when people come out to book events. There's just so much else people could be doing - life is hectic these days...and they'd take time away from relaxing, reading, taking a long bath. Well, it just feels wonderful.

Thank you to all of you who came out. A huge thank you to Marty - a fabulous time! And a massive thank you to Phil - who I met for the first time a couple of months ago at the event in south Burlington. He lives in the Danville, Vermont area, I believe, and drove up to see me. His sister was also there - she works at the Burnham Library. Wait a minute - do you think maybe he drove up to see her? Nah.

He also brought 4 huge pastries from his 'local' - the Edelweis Bakery - and gave them to me to share with Michael. What generosity! Phil, thank you again. I was so touched. And I have to say, these pastries kick Nutrisystem's butt! I think perhaps the less said about butts at this point the better.

We now have a duck and a goose in the pond again.

The peepers are out! This is a fun, annual event here. Peepers are tiny frogs that give a shrill trill at night for about 2 weeks of the year when they're mating. I talk about them in The Cruelest Month. At first they're quite romantic. A very country sound. But when they're all in full voice - and after about 10 days of it - and all through the night - well you such want to tell them to **** off already. But I love them. Always relieved to hear them back, and never happy when they grow silence again.

There is also a gentle wiff of skunk around our back porch. What could that mean?

having a lovely day writing - just writing - and polishing off Phil's amazing pastries. Yum - bliss.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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