Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Bye bye jury duty, and copy edits

mixed again, threatening rain, temps 8

We have the fireplace on. Quite cosy. Lilacs are loving the cooler weather and the aliums are just blooming too. Snow expected tonight. Must remember to plant the sweet pea and bring in the flats of annuals. Lise said she'd plant the peas, but the sooner the better I think and she comes on Friday. she's such a great gardener everyone wants her!

Had to cancel coffee with Joan today - that's the bad news. The good news is Michael found a loophole for jury duty. People over 65 are exempt, and so are their spouses - me. Ha ha.

So much for civic duty.

Have to head in to Knowlton to the notary to get an affidavit signed, then go next week to the courthouse for the exemption.

I wonder if anyone is happy about jury duty. I wonder if enjoying it is also an exemption.

Quiet day of writing. There's a reason no reality shows are made about writers. All we do is stare at a computer or into space. or eat. or drink. Very boring.

UPS just arrived to take away the copy edits for book 4 - A RULE AGAINST MURDER. Nice to have them gone.

Now, Michael and I are off to Knowlton for the affidavit. Will see if I can get arrested - something to spice up the blog.


Ovidia said...

If you get arrested & don't manage the affidavit first is there any chance a mix up could have you sitting in judgement on yourself? :)

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that writers sit and stare into space...I find biographies of writers (and I guess, therefore, blogs by writers) endlessly fascinating!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Ovidia,

Well, you had me laughing. I think, given my history, I'd be a pretty harsh judge. guilty!

you're a very silly woman and I like it.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Sharon,

Good point. I do too - love bios of writers. Phew - that means I don't have to get arrested, I guess. good thing too, because I haven't been.

I enjoy doing this blog because I look at it as a diary of my day, so it acts as a fun record even for myself. It's an odd experience sometimes to look back on it and wonder - was that really me?

Thanks for writing, Sharon -


Anonymous said...

You need to realize that the State cannot
conscript (enslave, take without compensation). A jury summons is an
invitation, not an obligation. The defendant’s right to jury trial does not obligate you.

You needn't respond,
they can't show that you received a notice.

But if you go, look up what a Fully
Informed Jury is.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Anon,

Thank you. I think likie m,any of my Canadian brethren I'm so cowed by anything from the government I just fall in to step - all the while trying to figure out how to step out. Never even occurs to me to ignore it.

As it turns out, even though I got an exemption I received a very nice call from the department of justice the day before my jury hearing to say I didn't need to go. They found enough people.