Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Trudy's home!

Sunny, hot, temps 27

Well, it's really hot! Can't quite believe it. Keep changing clothing, getting skimpier and skimpier. But wow does it feel wonderful after the long winter - and that was just the April in London!

Here's Trudy, on our dock. She's home now and a little groggy after being fixed but besides that surprisingly peppy. We just need to walk her on a leash, which surprises her, and check her wound for infection. They gave us some pain-killers - will try not to take them ourselves.

Just got off the phone from a local man - Dr. Grondin I think he said his name is. He asked if I'd speak to his club in a weeks time. They have dinner meetings at the Auberge West Brome, just down the road. I said I'd love to. Then he asked the 'question juste' - do you speak French? What to say? for once I was honest...yes, I said, but perhaps not well enough to carry a 1 hour talk to people who've already had quite a bit of wine. Though, actually, that would help. They can have wine, I can take Trudy's pain-killers and we're all happy (except Trudy). I've given talks in French before, and run meetings in French - but it's just so much work, I'd rather not. But he was very kind and said his members understand English. I guess we'll see. If need be I'll try out my Russian.

Adeen haladeelnik. One refridgerator. Short, kind of mysterious. Almost poetic.

Trees are exploding in bloom - last of the daffodils cut - I put them in a vase and will walk over to the guest cottage to leave them there for Susan, who's coming down tomorrow. In fact, I put on my rubber boots to do that, then got side-tracked by messages, and thought I might as well blog while I'm here. My feet are quite hot now. I wonder if this blog is deteriorating?

Staked up the peonies yesterday and made arrangements for a local organic farmer to bring produce by every Thursday throughout the summer. Yum.

I'm off to take the flowers next door then sit out by the pool with the proofs. At one stage the proof editor actually calls Gamache stupid. I don't think that's called for. Another bit like that and the pages might find themselves falling into the goose poop zone of the pond.

Still writing book 5 - every morning and into the early afternoon. Things are coming together, clues revealed...stuff Gamache (who isn't in the least bit stupid) has wondered about throughout the investigation are becoming clearer. I love this part.

Be well. Be kind.


donna said...

Hi Louise - Many years ago on our first trip to Montreal we were totally lost when I saw a sign which said "Pont". I turned to my husband and said Oh no - we are back to where we started as I saw that sign 15 minutes ago. Took us some time to figure out that "pont" means bridge and they are all over the place! Surprised that you are not comfortable giving a speach in French as I would think everyone in your area would have to be perfect in both languages. By the way, I had no problem ordering food - it's funny how you can always figure that out.
Enjoy your day! Donna

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Donna,

Wonderful story! that's a continual argument in Quebec- road signs. Half the population thinks they should be bilingual, the other half wants to maintain the French flavour and character.

I probably could give the speech, but it's not as comfortable as English - though since it's a dinner event I'll no doubt be speaking French all night anyway with the other guests. I think it might just be my insecurities coming out. (never that far from the surface)

thanks for writing!


Ovidia said...

stupid proof editor--how dare he/she call our beloved Gamache stupid???

Enraged Fan

ps. love to you & Gamache!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dearest Ovidia,

Thank you!!! Makes me feel better. At least now I have another victim for a future book. I'll call it A LACK OF PROOF and she'll be found under a pile of adjectives.