Monday, 24 March 2008

That Chocolate Bunny's a killer

Sunny, cold, highs near minus 5

I just got out of the hospital. I was in a speed-reading accident. I hit a bookmark.
Steven Wright

I'm beginning to be quite annoyed by the length of this winter! I know, there's nothing I can do. But every now and then I get warmed beside the righteousness of a good complaint. Like now. There are two feet of snow out outside. It should be plus 5 and melting. Instead it's minus 5 with more snow forecast. At this rate it'll be August before it goes.

There - that felt better.

This is actually the first day I've felt stressed about the long winter. It's really a lovely day - brilliant sun - dazzling off the - WAIT! SNOOOOOWWW. Ugh.

Had a call this morning from Kathryn Kennison. She's a dynamo. She heads of the Ball Centre at Ball State University in Indiana. And she runs a crime writers festival called Magna Cum Murder. She's asked me to be the guest of honor this year - which of course I agreed to. It's a marvelous festival, in October. We go caught up and yakked and had a fun time. She hurt her leg and her doctor said it would never really be perfect again. She told the doctor this was distressing news because there were really only 3 good parts to her body. One was her legs, another were her gums and the last were her occipital bones. Now she was down to the final 2.

She's hilarious.

Wrote like a fiend this morning, which is why I'm late with the blog. Busy times. Am about 2/3rds of the way through the book. I hope. Either that or it will be the longest book ever written. Some days are harder than others. I find sometimes I just want to do anything but write. Root canal, peeling, wash the curtains. Anything. But I still write. If I give in to the laziness, well there's frankly no end to it. I think a huge amount of success in writing isn't so much creativity as perseverance and discipline. And, of course, gummi bears.

Looked around me at some stage early this afternoon, after I'd come up for air, and noticed I'd built a little fort around me. Books stacked everywhere. Reference books, cook books, poetry books, note books.

What a great life.

Our diets took a hit this past Easter Weekend, though not as bad as it might have been. As followed home from Richford by a chocolate bunny. or two. And a few eggs.

Michael, brilliant man, has discovered the real secret to losing weight. He re-adjusts the scales and has announced he's at his goal weight. No doubt with the help of the chocolate rabbit.

Who am I to disagree. And if he's there, then so am I!

We're off to Montreal tomorrow. I'm giving a talk and reading tomorrow afternoon at the Cote St Luc library. Oh, by the way, we've added an event in Boston to my schedule. I'll be doing a talk/reading/signing at the harvard Square Barnes&Noble on Friday May 9th. Just back from London and Washington. I'll be the one followed by chocolate wildlife. Hard to miss.

Be well - I probably won't blog tomorrow or Wednesday - but will speak to you Thursday.


donna said...

Hi Louise: Well I did a google search on licorice pipes and found that I indeed must have been sheltered because they are definitely around but none of the pictures show the red tip like you desribed. One site actually had memories that people posted about their youth and getting licorice pipes. What a hoot! Don't despair about the snow - Spring should be here soon - the worst is over. I heard from a friend who lives in Switzerland now and believe it or not he is actually playing golf over there now. It's funny the difference between up on the mountains where the snow is and down below. I always think of there being so much snow in Switzerland. Think Spring!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Donna,

thanks for the encouragement. It does help to know we'll be on our way to london in a week - and the daffodils there. Phew. Tea at Harods, one of our favorite treats the day we arrive. to get situated.

Can't believe they don't show the red 'lit' end. That's the best part and the first part eaten by any licorice pipe affionado.

All best, happy spring.


Claudia said...

Hello Louise!

Greetings from LĂ©vis QC ! I'm a long time fan and come here to read daily. You've made me laugh a lot recently and this morning, "the curtains" just made my day...I felt exactly the same once myself at university, and I couldn't even afford curtains then !

Thanks for the laugh, for being you, for doing what you do.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Claudia,

Thank you so much! I actually read your comment this morning (Tuesday) while at our accountant Frank's office. He went to the blog for fun - and clicked on your comment - thank God you didn't say anything rude!

Thanks so much for being so supportive. Read on, McDuff.