Sunday, 9 March 2008

New York, New York - I can't make it there!

overcast, flurries in forecast, temps minus 6

Bed is the perfect climate.
Noel Coward

Well, the biggest, honking storm I've ever seen hit us yesterday - and through last night. It ended at around 6 this morning. I know, because I was up at 4:30. Checked my Air Canada flight to NYC - cancelled. They said I could re-book by calling this number - so I called this number and sat on hold for - get this - 4 hours! I'm not kidding. At one stage I called Michael in the country and said, 'I'm not sure if I've just ended up on hold and they've forgotten about me - maybe I called the wrong Air Canada number, can you try?' So he tried and couldn't even get onto hold - they weren't taking calls anymore. Recorded message said whole Eastern Seaboard was shutdown and there was a HUGE volume of travellers trying to re-book. Bugger off. That last part was mine.

So at 8:30 this morning Air Canada finally answered me. My left ear is flat. I know all about their bonus frequent flier points and the specials between Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and New York. The recording will be my last conscious thought on earth, 40 years from now. My last words - 'This is a deal that's hard to say no to.'

So now I can't fly out until tomorrow morning - which will make it very tight to get to the New Canaan library for noon. The publishers have arranged for a limo to pick me up at the airport and drive me there. Fast. I'm sure I'll make it for the panel discussion, which I'm really looking forward to. It's with the wonderful Rosemary Harris (Pushing up Daisies) and Jan Brogan (Yesterday's Fatal).

But yesterday's storm was fantastic. All the buildings around our apartment disappeared. Couldn't see anything - it just descended upon us. Howling and blowing. Almost a foot fell in 12 hours. It was stunning, and frightening and very beautiful. Nice to be warm in the apartment. And I still am!

So, another day in Montreal, then heading out.

Nice bit of news though - The Cruellest Month was again on the bestsellers list here - ninth week!

Hope the storm wasn't too hard on you - I know the Eastern and Central US, as well as the Toronto area were whacked.

Stay warm - stay in bed. I plan to.


Elizabeth said...

Noel Coward's words are perfect for a day on which I uncharacteristically slept in. Combined with the switch to daylight savings and the enormous snowfall, bed does indeed seem to be the place to be this morning. Bill, my husband, is laughing at us from Guyana, where he is working for 3 weeks. In the absence of any male family members, Isabel and I are digging out in shifts, with the generous help of neighbours. We are fortunate to live in a sort of urban village where these events bring people together. We will probably have friends over for tea later today. In the meantime, I am making hummus and lentil soup for lunch, working on a shawl-collared wrap cardigan from Vogue Knitting, and feeling exceedingly grateful not to have been on telephone hold for 4!!! hours (my personal record was 37 minutes with McGill University 2 years ago--at long distance charges).

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Your home sounds wonderful - can almost smell the soup and feel the comfort of the cardigan.

I'm thrilled to be at home and not stranded at the airport and enduring its dubious charms.

Glad you're surviving teh storm with characteristic aplomb.


donna said...

Hi Louise- Didn't read the blog until 10:20 pm and am now totally depressed. Have been telling everyone how I am going to the New Canaan Library and will actually meet one of my favorite authors in person and now am afraid you won't get there in time. We don't have any snow which I am sure will surprise you. I've read Jan Brogan's last book but I really am going to hear you! Hope they get you there super fast. Your friend from Connecticut! Donna