Monday, 3 March 2008

neither sleet, nor snow...

freezing rain, temps minus 4

This won't be a long blog since we have to scoot out the door - freezing rain just beginning to tap at the window. We need to head to breakfast , then the bank, then Michael's physio across town. It's a shame it's right in the middle of the 'freezing rain warning' but that can't be helped.

We're off - talk to you from Sutton - will drive down this afternoon if the weather improves.
I'm sure it's not that bad.

Oh, Canada.

Take care.


Wayne Grier said...

After living many years in Northern Manitoba, I can certainly sympathize with your unruly Spring? weather! As you know, we are now living in Victoria where the Plum & Cherry Blossoms are blooming, what a wonderful sight!! The crocuses are done, the Spring bulbs are being ravaged by the Deer,the lawn needs another mowing and the Green tinge is alight on the trees, buds ready to Pop open.

Yes, its definately time you guys visit Victoria, but be warned, after your second visit you will be asking yourself why the other 32 Million Canadians haven't decided to pack up & move here.
That's how it happened with us!!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Wayne,

It was such fun to hear from Sylvia the other day - and now you! I'm spoiled. Loved your description, and must say I'm already wondering why we aren't there.

Looking forward to seeing you and Sylvia again soon! Was just invited to do a talk/reading at a Vancouver Library in the next year. I suggested March since we'll be on our way to Hawaii for Left Coast Crime. Perhaps then, if not before.

Take care, and thanks for the great note - best to Sylvia.