Friday, 14 March 2008

A Sutton Day

Overcast, snow flurries, -3 degrees

A person who is looking for something doesn't travel very fast - E B White

I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but I'm not travelling at speed today. It's a quiet day, a no-news day, a peaceful day. I finally got around to brushing Maggie and Trudy, which they tolerated, even seemed to enjoy a bit. They do like the reward they've earned after it's done. And the brushing was long overdue. I collected great handfuls of fur from each.

I'll be heading into town later to pick up some papers for my tax man, Frank Leboff, after not budging from here all week. I hope I haven't forgotten the way. Country living can be like that. Frank has been my accountant, our accountant, for nearly thirty years, maybe longer. He's wise and ageless and happy and we're great friends. Missed installments, missing papers, and complicated advisories are all the same to him. No problemo! Adds a lot of comfort to our lives. I never enjoy collecting all the papers, but I do enjoy chatting with Frank and turning it all over to him.

Yesterday, I seemed to bustle all around here doing bits and pieces, keeping busy. Not much to show for it, but some relief that I'd done it all. This blog is about my only task today. Nothing too strenuous. Quite fun really

It's later, and I'm back from town with all my papers, which now fill an outsize briefcase. Frank said there'd be more papers yet to come and he was right. There were two more in the mail today.

Now, finally, some news. I've talked to my sweetie who's loving Houston (85 F) and her hotel, which makes me happy. Just as good is an email from Linda Richards, an author and friend, who's just finished her second book 'Death was in the Picture'. She wrote with a heads-up to Dorothy L, where Lesa Holstine posted about Louise at the Poisoned Pen last night in Phoenix. If you think that's great, and I do, - thanks Lesa - then there's even more, with pictures, on Lesa's blog: Great pictures, great description of my honey.

And...People Magazine will review The Cruelest Month next week, the March 31st issue. Whoopee! Louise gets home tomorrow, but I'll try and do another day, before returning it to your regular host, the talented...


Kay said...

You've done a very good job with the blog while Louise has been gone. I have enjoyed your posts very much. I'm glad she is liking Houston and I wish I could have gone to see her (I live in Central Texas). I know you will be glad to have her back.

I'm so pleased that THE CRUELEST MONTH is doing so well. All accolades are much deserved.

Michael said...

Thanks, Kay. And thank you for supporting Louise. It's so important to us. I've enjoyed blogging...

Lesa said...

Thank you for the link and comments, Michael. I hope Louise is pleased when she gets to see the blog.

Enjoy your celebration tonight. You should be celebrating not only her return, but the success of your blog. You do a wonderful job in her place.

Michael said...

Thanks Lesa for your comments and support. Praise from such an accomplished blogger is high praise indeed. I thank you.