Sunday, 16 March 2008

I'm baaaack

cloudy, mild, highs plus 4

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

The tour is almost over - Burlington, Vermont on Wednesday. But I'm home!!! Made the tight connection in Chicago and arrived back last night. And Michaerl surprised me by being at the airport - and I burst into tears. Didn't expect him - and didn't expect to cry. But I fell into his arms, the tears already flowing. Poor guy. We talked a lot (as St Martin's will find when they get the phone bills from the hotels!) but it wasn't the same as being able to stalk him in person. He gave me all these cards to open at each stop - then even sent one to the hotel in Houston (my last stop) but it didn't arrive. Lovely, lovely man.

And I read his beautiful blogs. Just noticed what a dreadful word 'blog' is - I realize it comes from weblog - but doesn't sound as lovely as many, many blogs actually are - including Michael's.
As I tolod people on the tour, despite a lifetime as a pediatric hematologist (he's the doc you NEVER want to have to meet) and sitting at the bedside of desperately ill and sometimes dying children, Michael is the most joyous man I know. Actually, it's not despite his work, but because of it, I believe. He knows what tragedy is, and he knows what a blessing and gift life is. He sees children denied it - and knows what a betrayal it is when people turn that gift of life into a self-manufactured misery. Like Gamache, Michael is happy not because he's never met loss and sorrow, but because he has.

But now I've kicked him out of the 'blogging' chair and reclaimed it! Haha. The power. Whaaahaha.

I'll write about the tour as the days progress - don't want to make this first one an essay - but I do want to say what a joy it was to meet some of you - and how genuinely grateful I am for your support - Donna and Lesa - and Kay, I read what you wrote Michael (as did others) and I'm moved.

St Martin's Minotaur has asked me to write their blog next week - so I'll actually be cheating (not for the first time - you should have seen the size of the pizza we had for dinner last night, disgusting) and using this blog as theirs - but you might notice some odd things because I'll be introducing myself a bit - saying things I realise you've already heard. So my apologies in advance. This is what comes of sloth.

Today is a day to recover...we're staying in Montreal because we have a series of appointments (not least with FRank, our accountant about the taxes) early this week. Might do some writing this afternoon. Took my notebook, sat on the plane, and made notes... scheming. Very healthy. Thank God Homeland Security didn't see any of the things I wrote. Murder on the mind.

It's so good to be back - but such a real joy to meet so many of you.

Be well, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Lesa said...


I won't say you weren't missed, but Michael's blogs were interesting.

It was a joy to meet you! And, I'll keep track, between your blog and St. Martin's. Continued good luck! I think you're only going to get more popular. I'm doing my best to spread the word.

And, I hope to see you at The Poisoned Pen again!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lesa,

Well, I'm a huge fan of yours - and I know Michael REALLY appreciated your support. He tried many times to reply to your comments but for some reason his reply wouldn't be saved - he's very sorry about that but very grateful for your kindness - as am I.

I loved meeting you - and thank you for that marvellous wrie-up on your fantastic blog. And Linda Richard sent me your posting on Dorothy L. You're terrific.

Many hugs to you, Lesa,


Kay said...

I second Lesa's comments about Michael. He did very well and I looked forward to what he had to say. Such a sweet picture you painted about your airport greeting. It's amazing how very connected we truly are to the men (and mine is wonderful as well) in our lives.

Glad you are back home safe and sound. I hope to get to see you and meet next time around. I'll be in contact with you later this week or early next regarding our book club talk on the 27th. I'm so looking forward to it and I'm hearing excellent things from my book club members about your books (I knew they would love them!).

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kay,

Thank you! I know how grateful Michael is for your support. I also look forward to our chat!