Sunday, 2 March 2008

Spring has arrived - inside

sunny, calm, lovely day

When I went to bed last night it was clear and mild, when I woke up it was clear and mild, and at sometime in between it managed to snow about 5 inches. Cars are covered in it. Fluffy light snow that would collapse down to nothing if challenged. Like white bread. used to love putting a slice in my fist, smushing it into a ball and eating that.

Can't figure out why my generation is living longer when you think of the things we put in our bodies. Tang. White bread. Anything in a can.

I belonged, until recently, to a group of women who'd get together once a month and one of us would do a presentation on some theme chosen at the beginning of the year. The theme that year was memory - so I chose to study smell and memory. Really very interesting the power of scents to trigger not just memory, but emotion. If there's such a thing as time travel it's fueled by scents.

But, as part of my research, I ran into an fascinating survey. It discovered that if you ask people over 70 what their favorite smells are for the most part they'll say things like roses, fresh baking, fresh mowed grass - that sort of thing. If you ask people under 50 chances are they'll say things like Vics Vapo Rub, gasoline - that sort of thing.

Not everyone fits into the catagory, but I thought it was telling. And now I've told you.

As you know, my books are filled with aromas - most of them natural - because they're so calming. Bacon, fresh coffee and wood smoke in the morning. A garden after a rain. Even mud.

Went into the local grocery store the other day and they had a massive display of tulips - so I bought about five bunches. Tuplips and snap dragons. Now we have bouquets in almost every room, including the bathroom, so that when I relax after the days writing I see spring. As long as I don't look out the window.

We're off to Montreal today - again! We were supposed to zip in and out tomorrow for physio for Michael but the forecast is for freezing rain and snow tomorrow morning. Not worth the risk. We're so fortunate to have kept a small apartment in the city, for times like these.

Pat will look after Maggie and Trudy - who pout when we return home. We call Pat's place the 'spa'. They adore it and her.

Pants very loose - and no that isn't a comment on my morals. It's a comment on our diet! It's working. And, miracle of miracles, it's actually easy! of course the book tour will be a dietary disaster - oh well.

I'll try to write tomorrow from Montreal. In the mean time, enjoy your Sunday and be well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, I am so glad to be involved in your newsletter and I enjoyed every item you mentioned and wish you the best success (is there such a a thing?).
I want to tell you I just finished reading your Dead Cold and it was fascinating.
Also, I became interested in your writings through Julia Spencer-Fleming's recommendation as I've read all her Claire Fergusson series and waiting for the next, hopefully, not the last.
I have your others on reserve at my public library in Camrose, Alberta. Have been wanting to read you ever since Julia mentioned how much she enjoyed your writing and you're Canadian!
Great work!!
Ruth Steeves

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Ruth,

How great to hear from you! And in Camrose. I have a brother who lives in Alberta and we visit fairly often. Wonderful province.

Thanks for being so supportive - and I love Julia too.