Saturday, 1 March 2008

In the dream time

snow, blowing snow, temps minus 6

Well, March has come in like a lion. Do you have that expression where you live? We say if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb. Not sure that's true, but I hope so - given the storm raging outside. When I let the dogs out I noticed the huge snowbanks that had been sculpted by the wind and the eddies. Particularity off the stone walls. It looks like a sculpture park out there. And if the sun comes out and the wind dies down it's going to be stunning.

But I think this storm is supposed to last all day and into the night. We have to go out tonight, as we do every Saturday. Oh, well. It's worth it.

Have a wonderful review of The Cruellest Month in today's The Scotsman newspaper in (can you guess?) Scotland. It's the lead review and at the end they say 'There's real pleasure here.' What a nice line. And that's what I aim for in the books. Not to scare the pants off you. Not to fill you with dread. But the opposite really. To have you smile at the end. Be filled with pleasure, and peace. And the certainty that while terrible things can happen - goodness exists. Kindness exists.

This is such an exciting month for me, as those of you who've received today's Newsletter know. I won't repeat it all but just a little.

THE CRUELEST MONTH is launching - on Tuesday - across the US!!!!
A FATAL GRACE continues to boom off shelves in the US.
DEAD COLD/A FATAL GRACE launches in Germany to huge press.
STILL LIFE launches in Russia.

And, I'm heading out on the US tour - in about a week.

In the meantime I write by the fireplace. This really is my dream but every now and then I get overwhelmed with fear, and want to run away. Want to stay in bed, want to eat every cake ever baked. Want to hide - and do anything but write and tour.

Then I remember. This is my dream. And not all of it's easy, but every single minute is a blessing.

Thanks for your company - makes it so much fun.


Liz said...

Dear Louise

I have just come across your blog and enjoy your style very much. The reason? Its very similar to the style my writing partner and I have just this month created on our own blog. You can tell we must be Canadian, due to our fascination with the weather!!

Your stories are absolutely fantastic - I want to move to Three Pines! The characters are so rich, their quirks and shortcomings forgiveable. Such an enjoyable time I've spent within the covers of your books!

I've enjoyed following your progress and growing acclaim and wish you all the best for future writings - which I eagerly anticipate.

Oh yes, did I say writing partner? A good friend, Pamela Blance, and I have embarked on our first writing foray and are co-authoring not one, but two, novels. We started this adventure last June and are thoroughly enjoying the journey. And after several months, family and friends are now taking us seriously - we intend to be published authors! Our pen name is Jamie Tremain, and if you are inclined, do check out our blog at

I fear I have become somewhat shameless in promoting Jamie Tremain, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Continued success to you and I will keep your blog and website as "favourites" to be visited on a regular basis.

Elizabeth Lindsay

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Liz,

Bravo - or perhaps Brava! Well done - we need to trumpet our achievements and you have a lot to be proud of. Congratulations on the partnership and the books underway. It takes discipline and courage, I know. And I'm thrilled to hear family and friends realize you're not really delusional. I remember that look when people asked what I was doing and I said, 'writing a book' - might as well have said I'm training to be an astronaut. Equally unlikely.

Well done and I'll visit your blog.

Keep touting, and writing, and feeling VERY good about yourselves. I hope to be invited to the launch.

All best,


Anonymous said...

Louise what a beautiful lady you are. Until I found this blog I had no idea what you looked like.I envy you your weather. Here near gatwick UK it's dull and cold.I've emailed you to say how I love your books.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Anon,

thank you - and you say so many kind things. I really appreciate it.

And, as people who read this blog reguarlily (and far enough back) know, I have a fondness for things Anonymous.

All best to you,


Pam said...

Hi Louise,
My name is Pam Blance and we have emailed before. I first met you at the Elora Writers Festival last Spring.I am the other half of Jamie Tremain. Liz Lindsay, my writing partner wrote to you yesterday and when I read the column in "The Scotsman" newspaper I was just thrilled. I am from Edinburgh and my father was a copy reader with the Scotsman for many years. Both my brothers were printers with the Scotsman also.
There are some great writers out of Scotland but I am glad they (the Scots I mean)have the sense to notice your "The Cruellest Month" which I enjoyed immensely.
When I was reading your Web page and your advice to new authors you mentioned that it took you 19 years to be published. Well, I am hoping for a speedier delivery than that as I would be 81 by then, so upwards and onwards. Keep well and drop in from time to time on our blog.
Pam Blance

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Pam,

As I understand it, 81 among the Scots is the equivalent of 50 anywhere else? Is that correct? So you have plenty of time!

Actually, I suspect given the drive you and Liz have (and your great friendship) it will take you considerably less time than me.

I can hardly wait to read your first book!

Thanks for writing - and what an institution The Scotsman is. A genuine thrill to be reviewed in it, and well reviewed too!

Thank you, Pam.