Friday, 28 March 2008

Another day

overcast, mild, highs plus 1

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
Winston Churchill

Things are starting to get busy. Am at 80,000 words for the new book. Not really sure anymore if that's long, or just right. Trying not to think about it. Re-read some of the stuff from earlier in the week, to get back up to speed, and found to my relief that I quite liked it. The 'Critic' must have been on coffee-break or at the bar in a brawl at the time.

Nancy Page coming this morning. She's our computer expert - debugs us, programmes us, gets us going when bad things happen. Though with me it's always the laptop and always when I'm on the road hundreds of miles from Nancy. We have an old computer we're donating to her to give to a local student. She also designed and printed my new business cards. She's wonderful. We did up 200 - thinking maybe we'd make each run a 'limited edition' and make each different. Like hockey cards. Makes it sort of fun that way.

Then off to dry-cleaners for UK clothing. And the office in Sutton to make sure I'm up and running on a thing called AIM - this is so I can do the online chat tomorrow at noon with bookchatcentral. I love talking to people like this, but hate the process of getting 'connected'. Still, Jill, who is organizing it is very patient. We'll see how long that lasts.

Did a conference call with some really smart readers in Austin, Texas last night. It was a book club and they read the books very closely and questioned me very closely. but not, I felt, with a view to tripping me up or finding fault, but just to push me to explain some of my choices. I always find that interesting.

Will also be writing this morning. I spoke to my UK editor, Sherise, yesterday and we've arranged to have Afternoon Tea at the Wolsely on Piccadilly next Friday. What fun!

Speak to you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say I love the humour in your blog! Why not let more of it loose in your mysteries? There were some moments that made me chuckle, to be sure, but I would like to hear more from the "you" in your blog in your books.

Thanks so much for creating Three Pines on paper! I released "Dead Cold" and "The Cruellest Month" on Sanibel Island in Florida last week through BookCrossing. We'll see what happens!

All best,

Nicole Keshav

Elizabeth said...

I noticed that on the exact day that you wrote about your self-criticism, a Toronto writer, whose blog I follow, also expressed the same feelings. So it must be normal. Either that, or it's the weather. I notice that it's supposed to go up to 10 degrees next week. Hurray!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Nicole,

thanks so much for your comments - and glad you enjoy the humour! also love the idea of BookCrossing, and releasing the books into the wild. Hope someone finds them, and feeds them.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Yes, it's sometimes like that, isn't it? Suddenly everyone's saying much the same thing. Glad to hear I'm not alone, and I suspect it is something to do with the weather. But I was saying to Michael over lunch today, I think it's something I feel with every book. happily it's becoming less and less painful.

You're always so supportive, Elizabeth. Thanks you.


Larry Marshall said...

Collectible business cards...great idea. Will you be wearing a hockey jersey or holding a curling broom. Ah...will they be bilingual (grin)?

The more important question is how do we get these collectibles? What we REALLY need are Three Pines sweatshirts.

Cheers --- Larry

Graham said...

Hi, Your pc expert can access your computer from antwhere in the world if she has set it up for you. All she has to do is enter a code (providing your pc is on) and you can sit back and watch her work on the screen.I the retail shop I have this happens there and the guys that work on it live a couple of hundred miles away. Hope this will help.Graham from

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Larry,

Actually - smarty-pants - Lise is right now making up Three Pines cafe au lait mugs. We're taking a bunch to Malice Domestic in Washington. I think maybe Three pines tuques and scarves next - what do you think?


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Graham,

Wow - I didn't know that! Will ask her to do that - and if something horrible happens I might email you again for help.

thank you for that info. I feel very relieved.