Thursday, 13 March 2008

Doggie conversations

Clear, cold and sunny - minus 14. Montreal is closing in on the all-time record snowfall year, with 20-30 cm more to go. Not everyone is pleased with this.

Friendship and community are, first of all, inner qualities - Henri J M Nouwen

It's being a long week without Louise. The dogs are not adept at sustaining conversation, though they're always cheery, particularly around mealtime. Their mealtime. They've shown little interest in my Nutrisystem, probably a good thing, since there are package everywhere, ignored by everyone but me. Still, it's working. Minus 9 lbs so far. It's all portion control, something I'm a slow learner about.

Louise and I chat several times each day. With several events scheduled in each city, she's up at 4:00am to catch the plane. By evening, she's exhausted, but also very happy that everything's going so well. Such a privilege to be on a US book tour. More good news. The paperback edition of A Fatal Grace has just been released and is #6 on the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association February bestseller list.

Parenthetically, I couldn't remember the word 'paperback' for the last paragraph so went to the IMBA list. The surprise was that I lost this site and had to start all over again. Now, I see there's a 'save now' button. Next time!

Anyway, I did my taxes today, which is a relief. Now I can relax. Probably a good date to do them on (Mar 13).

Be content and I'll blog tomorrow.


Lesa said...


I can see why you'd missed Louise. She's very missable. Such a warm, kind person. If you really miss her, there are pictures of her on my blog,

It was so nice to finally meet her! I think you're both very fortunate.

Michael said...

Thanks, Lesa. I just loved your blog and pics. Made me feel like I was actually there. You're great!