Monday, 31 March 2008


overcast, snow rain mix expected, highs zero

Joan Collins unfortunately can't be with us tonight. She's busy attending the birth of her next husband.
John Parrott

Have to say I've never heard of John Parrott but I thought this quote was hysterical. There's a 23 year age difference between Michael and me - I'm almost 50 and he's turning 74 while we're in London. So wonderful being married to an older man. He's comfortable with himself, strong, wise and funny. Very secure.

One of our favorite quotes about age and relationships is from Groucho Marx who said, 'You're only as old as the woman you feel.'

We're all packed and heading to Montreal. Having lunch with the Muirheads then off to help launch the Canadian Mystery website. It's being organized by McGill University and is at the Redpath Museum. Especially appropriate since one of the big Canadian mysteries is who murdered 2 Redpaths in the early 1900's. I'll be doing a 'dramatic' reading about that. My readings can lack drama since all the characters sound all the same - they sound like me.

Then off to London on British Airways tomorrow. Was hoping Terminal 5 would be sorted by then, but apparently not. Should have known things weren't good when a week ago we received a cheery note from BA saying our flight from Algiers was landing in the new Terminal 5.

I'll blog again from London! Tell you all about our flight from Algiers (dear lord).

Be well -


donna said...

Hi Louise: Just wanted to wish you well. Look forward to hearing your comments from London. Had the pleasure of visiting the UK on business once and totally loved it. I felt like a celebrity shopping at Harrods. You must buy yourself something fun there. Hope you have packed some warm things because the rain can be quite chilling - or else you'll be buying a sweater or what do the English call it - a jumper I believe. All the best, Donna

wormauld said...

Dear Louise,
5th letter and I've just realised why I keep losing them. Do you have a phone nr in LOndon so that when I come back from visiting my son in HOngK i can speak to you. I'd like to then blog about you because your writing is so lyrical which is amazing for thrillers. I feel you are like Grace, hope I've got the poets name right.Hie thee to your writing and less 'gadding' lol I thirst for a new Penny.
Do hope it will be full of poetry too. Here's hoping to speak to you after 17th. I'll have emailaccess in HK.
My email is:
Have a wonderful rest of your stay. Daphne

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Donna,

Just up on internet now and read your very kind message! Yes - I packed long underwear. Always the Canadian. Not very stylish, but our teeth aren't chattering. We went straight to Harrods and had High Tea there yesterday. What a labryth.
Take care and thanks for the bon voyage.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Daphne,

How wonderful to hear from you! Sorry you were having misery with your message.
Am having a great time writing the next book, so there should be a new 'Penny' before too long. And yes, Ruth's poetry continues.
Are you in Hong Kong now?
I actually don't give out my phone number - I find it's generally not a good idea - and frankly I just yearn for privacy, and the quietude necessary to write. But I can always be reached through this blog. Thank you so much for offering to call, though. And I'm sorry that our schedules won't allow us to meet at the event in Cambridge.
Thank you so much for writing.